KIELCE WOKR SAFETY-EXPO - product and service range



  • employees' personal protection (equipment, clothing, safety footwear and work footwear)
  • collective protection measures (protection against: radiation, noise, electric shock, ventilation systems, security)
  • materials for work-wear production
  • fire safety and prevention signs, evacuation signs, occupational health and safety signs and instructions
  • emergency, evacuation and safety lights
  • alarm and warning systems, early threat detection systems
  • equipment and systems for facilities technical safety
  • risks monitoring systems at work environment
  • passive fire protection systems for facilities
  • workplace ergonomics
  • hygiene and personal care products, sanitary equipment and first aid equipment
  • medical rescue equipment and appliances
  • control and measurement instruments
  • chemical and environmental rescue equipment and measures
  • communication systems for emergency services, disparagement and command stations equipment
  • mass decontamination systems
  • training services, fire marshals, occupational, health and safety experts and assessors
  • business-sector publishers
  • institutions and organisations
  • higher education institutions which offer university courses in: fire protection, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, emergency medical services and paramedics.

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