24 september 2023
 The band offered their last two albums to the audience on Sunday evening at the Kielce Cultur Centre. Teh album is dedicated to Polish composers of the 20th century. This concert concluded the four-day event co-organized by Targi Kielce.
24 september 2023
- It's always nice to play in one’s hometown - said the Grammy winner before Sunday's concert at the Kielce Culture Centre. The show he bassist Damian Kostka and drummer Cezary Konrad gave storm-took hearts of the large audience. "Master class," viewers commented.
23 september 2023
She was accompanied on stage by renowned musicians from Brazil - guitarist Toninho Horta and bassist Michael Pipoquinha, as well as Polish drummer living in Germany - Bodek Janke. The musicians captivaties the crowd gathered in the Kielce Culture Centre. The event continues on Sunday, 24 September. Targi Kielce SA is the co-organizer
23 september 2023
No other option possible - Jazz master - Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski together with pianist Wojciech Niedziela, bassist Andrzej Święs and drummer Marcin Jahr delighted the audience at the concert on the third day of the Targi Kielce Jazz Festival Memorial to Miles. The event continues - the Festival is co-organised by Targi Kielce.

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