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The trade fair and expo centre ranked second in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Targi Kielce calendar of events comprises 70 events - trade shows, exhibitions and 700 conferences, including PLASTPOL - Poland's most international trade show, the world famous MSPO which is ranked third among Europe's defence industry expos, AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA - Europe's only fair of this type, SACROEXPO - Europe's largest church and devotional articles fair and AGROTECH - the agricultural fair which enjoys greatest attendance.


represented by exhibitors

6 100

exhibitors at
Targi Kielce


exhibitors established
business contacts

150 000

business-insider visitors
at all our events

Why is it worth being a part of Targi Kielce’s events?

Trade shows and expos - no other marketing instrument may offer such a multitude of functions and options.

Expos and trade shows - the best place to conclude contracts, enhance your company’s image, find new partners as well as maintain and cultivate relationships with existing ones.

The fairs and expos offer a golden opportunity to benchmark, evaluate  a particular industry or a business-sector’s standing, compare prices, discover market novelties, try and test products, discuss applications.

Thus, expos are the only marketing tool which combines a company’s and its products detailed presentation in direct contact with clients and customers.

Therefore expos’ multidimensional nature require proper alignment of many activities; this is crucial for the exhibitors’ ultimate success.

Success factors

A clear goals definition

How can one achieve a goal without first specifying it?

Companies attend trade fairs for various reasons,  yet expo-related expectations may vary in different departments of the same company.  A product development department’s objectives may be different from those of the sales or marketing departments - thus  it is worth bringing all company’s units together, involving in the expo preparation phase. A meeting before a trade show is designed to outline and define the most important expo-related objectives and prioritise them accordingly.  The consecutive trade fair preparations are tailored around the priorities list.  If the company's goal is to find new customers and make them interested in the company’s products, a well-planned marketing campaign should precede the expo presentation.  If a company uses the expo to cultivate relationships with existing customers and partners, the pre-expo preparations should focus on sending invitations and thus give your customers an incentive to visit the company’s expo stand.

Budget planning

A realistic budget calculation makes it possible to estimate the expo results.

Early planning helps you avoid unexpected, last-minute expenses, e.g. when you discover the last moment that you need additional expo stand equipment. The costs estimate should include the expo space and booth construction costs, but not only. Employees’ business trip costs, expo stand catering and similar should be included.

Expo stand design

The expo stand appearance should correspond with the expo presentation objectives.

If the exhibitor’s brand is well known and thus the exhibitor wants to show its new products, it worth putting the latest developments into the limelight.  Conversely - if a company prospers for new customers, the expo stand should attract attention, the eye-catching booth should be seen from a distance. What we put on display is equally important -   products assortment on show should in line with the expo visitors’ profile. Instead of standard products which are pretty similar to what the competitors showcase, it is worth showing something different, unique, fresh. This is designed to trigger guests’ interest and give a prod to start up a conversation.

New contacts

New contacts make the company grow. New contacts are thus of pivotal importance.

Everyone prospers for new customers when at the expo. Thus sitting at your expo stand and waiting for the customer will certainly prove inefficient.  Expo organisers allocate large marketing budgets in order to make prospective customers come to the trade fair.  Still, this does not guarantee that expo guests will visit all exhibitors.  According to the German AUMA association, 80% of business-insiders plan their expo visit and schedule meetings before arriving at the expo  grounds.  There is a simple conclusion - if you want to increase the number of people calling into your expo stand during, you should invite them. Invitations to pay you a visit at the expo should be distributed beforehand.  Sending invitations to prospective customers is just part of the “before the expo” plan.  Expo herald should be an inherent and coherent part of the marketing communications well before the show starts -   communication elements offered by the expo organisers may also be used. This encompasses expo catalogue advertisement, mailings campaigns, website banners published on the event’s website, etc. How about grasping attention of prospective customers during the trade show?  The expo stand design which clearly communicates the company’s business line and encourages to strike up a conversation - this is s part of the success.  Additional advertisements displayed at the expo centre will only enhance the message.  Yet there is one more element of utmost importance - the expo stand employees ought to encourage people to come round and pay a visit. Eye contact and active encouragement - grasp attention of the passers-by.

The expo stand staff training

Employees at the stand – not only should they know the products on show, but also know the company's goals at this particular expo- this is what they can focus upon throughout the event.

Large-scale companies find it especially important - the trade fair presentation is prepared by a different team from the one that actually man the booth at the expo.  It is important for the expo stand staff to become familiar with the competition's offer so that they can refer and benchmark whilst talking to prospective customers.

Talks at the expo

Expos offer a great advantage - the possibility of become involved in a direct conversation with customers who come round to your booth and become familiar with the products.

A proper conversation is a dialogue.  Monologues in which you brag about the products’ benefits  will not translate into actual sales.  It is important to ask questions and listen to the visitors’ response. This is the right time to learn more about clients’ problems, their business goals.  It is important to wrap-up the discussion with a follow-up scheme. What are the steps to follow, who, when and how to contact the visitor – this needs to be specified.

After the expo follow-up

Visitor leaves their business cards - this is a sign that they expect to be contacted and offered a feedback.

This is a regular practice.  Think out of the box in order to get the clients’ attention. This contact and feedback should be offered earlier than a client expects or sent in an unusual form.

Expo performance evaluation

The expo participation should start well before the event starts. The goals-setting phase should include this assessment.

You should assess whether and to what extent the objectives have been achieved after the expo ends.  The assessment should include real participation costs and results expressed in the number and quality of contacts and leads. The number of people who were offered the chance to become familiar with the brand (based on the organizer's statistics regarding the number of visitors) should also be taken into consideration.  The report should also include information on the market and competition you have gained at the expo. Evaluation of trainings and other expo-related events is a part of the wrap-up

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