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Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools Fair STOM-TOOL

Machine Tools Expo - the cornerstone of the Industrial Spring!


The STOM-TOOL Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools is one of the most important elements of the Targi Kielces spring industrial cycle.

Over the years STOM-TOOL has progressed to become a major Europe-wide industry event, a one-stop-shop for tools and CNC machines used for metalworking. This exhibition, a pillar of the Industrial Spring, is highly valued among exhibitors in the country and abroad. Other events of the industrial cycle promise to be equally interesting: STOM-TOOL, STOM-BLECH&CUTTING, STOM-LASER, STOM-ROBOTICS, STOM-FIX, KIELCE FLUID-POWER, WELDING, EXPO SURFACE, 3D PRINTING DAYS, TEiA and WIRTOPROCESY.

We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's trade shows.