Tax relief for expo participation!

28 november 2022
From January 1st 2022, companies can benefit from an expansion and development tax relief, e.g. for participation in the fair. This solution is also continued this year. By using it companies can pay much lower income tax.

The expo participation costs, such as: the exhibition site organisation, purchase of airline tickets for employees, as well as accommodation and meals for employees can be deducted from the income tax in the double amount. For example, spending PLN 100 on trade fairs participation, a company that pays 19% of income tax will be able to deduct PLN 38 from this tax, so in practice it will not pay PLN 100, but PLN 62. The introduction of the tax relief provides additional support for companies and encourages them to expand their business. The deduction may reach up to PLN 1 million in a tax year.

It should be remembered that the discount cannot be used if the expenses for participation in the trade fair concern services provided by exhibitors and applies only when a firm invests into increasing the sales of the product, that is, the things the company produces. Moreover, the use of the tax relief requires the entrepreneur to show an increase in sales revenues in the next two years or to demonstrate revenue from the sale of new products or products made earlier, but sold on new markets. Otherwise, the company must return the tax relief for the third year from the year in which it participated in the fair.