„If people like you they'll listen to you,
but if they trust you, they'll do business with you
Zig Ziglar


Many companies around the world have faced unprecedented challenges in the recent few months. Targi Kielce is here to help your company get back on the right business track and regain its market position.


Targi Kielce is one-stop-shop for the whole industry, the place to enhance the existing business-contacts and find new leads and business partners. The recent experience has explicitly demonstrated that no email, telephone or teleconference can replace direct, face-to-face contacts.


Business meetings, an inherent part of expos may build and enhance business relations based on trust.


The economy needs expos - trade show generate development impulses. Direct meetings result in new ideas and innovations.  


Trade fairs offer an ideal tool to evaluate and benchmark a particular industry's standing.  Exhibitions provide the golden opportunity to see, try and test the latest developments, learn about customers' opinions on companies' products. Trade shows give a perfect chance to exchange experiences and expand knowledge. Expos shape the future of business.

Marek Jankowski
Marek Jankowski

I love trade fairs,  mainly because you can meet people face-to-face, develop direct relations with the industry's key personages.   Trade shows offer the chance to see products "in the flesh";  a real-life experience is much more than viewing photos on the Internet.

I am convinced that trade fairs are the most comprehensive way to build and nurture relations with contractors and business partners.  But for the expos, my company would not have reached the position it enjoys now. branza dziecieca

Marek Jankowski,
Publisher of the Branża Dziecięca Magazine

Paweł Kruk
Paweł Kruk

I find professional trade fairs an essential development tool, both for companies and the whole economy.  Events of this type offer economic entities the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage -  exhibitors have a chance to reach out to a significant number of prospective customers and clients. Expo visitors can, at the same time, make the best of the shows and thus learn about new products and technologies. Companies' staff can make the most of the expo participation too - this is the way to boost contacts network in a particular business sector, share experience and knowledge. There is much more than the tangible, quantifiable benefits. Expos are also a great tool to develop your brand even further, enhance brand awareness among customers, regardless of whether we have joined the exhibition as a participant or an exhibitor. That is why it is worth planning your presence at  Targi Kielce's industrial trade shows. mm magazyn przemysłowy

Paweł Kruk
Managing director at
Raven Media

Jacek Szczerba
Jacek Szczerba

In recent months, most industrial sectors have been faced with business-activity slowdown. The situation has been triggered by a significant demand and production reduction, a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
There have been restrictions introduced; not only have the limitations influenced the companies' operating and economic condition but also created a significant barrier to direct communication and proper relations with their trade and business partners.
Thus, the new industry events calendar offers the possibility to meet again. Re-scheduled events provide a chance to return to "normality".
Organisers of various events find this a trial and test time, too.  Not only are these organisers required to optimise the events' format and develop a safe formula as a response to the circumstances. The events ought to be attractive, more responsive to all stakeholders' needs resulting from the changes. A new organisational approach is needed.
plastics-4-life I am positive that the PLASTPOL Expo organisers will meet this specific challenge. I do hope we can meet in Kielce, just the way we used to do in previous years.

Jacek Szczerba
Business Manager | Co-Owner

Urszula Kaszubowska
Urszula Kaszubowska

The International Kids' Time Expo is Poland's largest industry event.   Not only is this a great place to present your market offer, but above all, the opportunity to put a company's best foot forward, proudly present its marketing and business culture. Business meetings with your regular contractors offer the occasion to talk shop, discuss new ideas and plans, solve problems. Such discussion enhance mutual trust and further develop business relationships. Kids' time, just like any business trade fair, offers the best opportunity to meet new customers. A face-to-face conversation at the expo stand makes it possible for them to discover the company's offering and much more - what the company is really like, whether it is worth establishing cooperation with it.  Expos are must-attend events,  the best marketing and presentation tool for a company. branza dziecieca

Urszula Kaszubowska,
Editor-in-chief of the Branża Dziecięca Magazine