Find new, prospective markets

Business scaling and expansion into new foreign markets - this is a natural step on every company's development path.  The global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic outbreak made many countries face the basic food and necessities supply chains disturbances.  The market shortages period offers Polish producers and suppliers the an opportunity to enter the international markets and strike up cooperation.


Singapore’s urgent need for additional supply sources of the following products:


       1) food, including:

  jabłka Fresh produce (to replenish output gap on products imported from Australia):

  • dairy products (milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, cream)
  • vegetables (e.g. broccoli, pepper, lettuce)


Frozen products

  • frozen vegetables
  • ready-to-eat frozen meals (e.g. pizza)
  • seafood


Dry products

  • pasta
  • tinned vegetables
  • spaghetti sauces / ready-to-serve meals


       2) Daily use products, including:

  • toilet paper
  • soap, bath lotions, shampoos
  • tissue-wipes


If you are interested in exporting to the Singapore’s market, please send offers to and 

These will be presented to local importers and retailers through the Enterprise SG agency.