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Pursuant to the Council of Ministers’ Regulation of 29 May 2020, trade shows and expos, congresses, seminars and conferences may be held, starting 6 June. Mandatory observance of all precautions outlined in the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate’s guidelines - the restrictions in place result from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infections spread which may result in COVID-19 disease.

targi kościelne sacroexpo Everything the church needs - successive SACROEXPO. Welcome! 

The is already the 21st International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO

The three days’ expo is when the Targi Kielce’s expo halls are a full house - the offer of over 300 exhibitors on show,  3,500 guests – not only do they attend the expo, but also made the best of the expo accompanying and fringe events programme. The complimentary plan abounds with exhibitions and inspirational meetings.

Rosaries, stoles and prayer books - this and much more on show at 2020’s  SACROEXPO

A wide and diversified range of products and services on show will satisfy even the most demanding tastes because Sacroexpo is one-stop-shop presentation of the trends in sacral art, devotional items and accessories as well as church new technologies for religious construction, properties and heritage conservation.  The expo visitors are offered the abundance of liturgical vestments and vessels as well as a full range of religious publications. Breviaries, wonderfully illustrated Holy Bible editions and the latest and most popular Catholic publications will come in abundance.  The expo follows many-year tradition - Sacroexpo is the place to meet the authors in person.

dewocjonalia i wyposażenie dla kościołów na targach sacroexpo The rich offer of calendars for catechists and clergy as well as all types of writing materials deserve the trade fair visitors’ attention, too. The expo has proven to be a real mine of... rosaries - this abundance has been demonstrated many times.  The display includes plastic, exotic wood, coconut, Swarovski crystals rosaries, those which follow the philosophy of St. Hildegard. The latter are made of precious stones which also offer  therapeutic effects.  The African Mission expo stand showcases paintings from butterfly wings and religious gadgets - the latter are the ones to take
with a pinch of salt.

A wide range of confessionals and organs as well as modern heating and sound systems are targeted at the parsons and parish-heads.  Last year saw turbulent incidents, therefore it comes as no surprise that a special attention should be paid to fire protection systems and anti-theft and anti-intrusions systems.  Safety and security is not the end of the story - church interior furnishing and décor are equally important  Therefore, the hand-made, intricate-technique icons and religions paintings will be showcased on flamboyant expo stands, next to monumental stained glass windows. Extraordinary precision, stunning lavish colours and a variety of motifs are particularly noteworthy. The trade show offers sculptures galore. Sometimes sculpted figures are made in front of the delighted public who admire the art in the making. Statues of saints and even wonderful Christmas nativity scenes are brought in for the expo.  The Kielce trade fairs features a rich assortment of stoles and chasubles which are available at promotional prices. Liturgical vessels and tablecloths are also on offer.  Therefore, all priests can find all kinds of liturgical vessels and paraments necessary to celebrate the Holly Mass. 

wystawa sztuki sakralnej i dewocjonaliów na targach sakralnych sacroexpo w kielcach Pilgrimage organisers and agencies also present their offer.  The trade fair features a long-standing tradition - the lottery
 which can win you a pilgrimage. SACROEXPO agenda includes training sessions for devotional stores owners and employees as well as a whole array of other workshops. The programme also includes the conference organised by the Wesoła54 Pastoral Centre.  On the second day of SACROEXPO, the Orthodox Archbishop of Przemysl and Gorlice His Excellency Paisjusz presents the distinctions to exhibitors in recognition of their contribution to religious life.

Per Artem ad Deum - Kielce religious expo’s beautiful tradition

The Pontifical Council for Culture Medal “Per Artem ad Deum” has been traditionally awarded at SACROEXPO.  Last year Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński, Tadeusz Boruta and Alexander Kornoukhov were included into the Per Artem ad Deum fellowship.  





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07 july 2020
An intuitive administrator’s panel, a wide range of products at special, discount prices and the latest industry developments - these are just a few of the advantages offered by the newly created shopping arcade.
06 july 2020
In September 2012, Ennio Morricone, a world-famous composer, creator of brilliant film music and conductor was pronounced the Per Artem ad Deum medal laureate. Such legend’s farewell is a great loss for the global music milieus
10 june 2020
This year's Corpus Christi is unique because it is rooted in a very long history. This year marks a great jubilee in Poland. The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ has been celebrated in the Catholic Church on Thursday, the eleventh day after the Pentecost
15 may 2020
Henryk Jagodziński is a priest who comes from the Małogoszcz parish. Fr Jagodziński has been appointed the Apostolic Nuncio in Ghana and titular archbishop of Limosano by Pope Francis. This is the first such distinction for a priest who originally comes from the Kielce diocese
06 april 2020
The coronavirus epidemic continues - as the result the Programmers Group and the Profeto foundation have designed and created a completely free platform which whose objective is to support local stores . "Buy from the Locals" offers the safe shopping possibility
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