SACROEXPO (10-12.06.2024)

25th International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO

1. Architecture

New religious buildings design• Renovation and adaptation projects of religious buildings • Revitalisation projects of religious buildings

2. Indoor architecture and design

Interior design of new religious buildings • Design of religious interiors • Lighting designs and arrangements • Design and execution of sound systems for religious buildings
Occasional projects /e.g. field altars/ • Design and execution of equipment for religious buildings /altars, benches, confessionals, etc./

3. Landscape architecture

Designing, establishment and maintenance of greenery in the religious buildings’ neighbourhood • Designing and execution of greenery in sacral buildings • Designing and execution of occasional greenery

4. Cemeteries and necropolises

Establishment of a necropolis • Necropolis administration systems • Revitalisation and maintenance of the necropolis • Design, establishment and maintenance of greenery in the necropolis

5. Civil engineering

New religious buildings - construction and development • Conservation and renovation services in religious buildings • Installation services • Water and sewage services • Electrical installations • Heating installations • Thermal modernisation of religious buildings • Project financing and construction works • Religious buildings - safety and security

6. Alarm and warning systems

Monitoring and protection • Installations and fire protection • Rescue equipment • Insurance

7. Arts

Painting • Sculpture • Stained glass • Masonry • Artistic blacksmithing • Metalwork • Conservation services • Insurance of religious art objects • Appraisal

8. Bell-making, clocks construction and Renovation



9. Music

Construction and renovation of organs • Musical instruments • Music publications • Courses and training in religious music

10. Liturgical vestments and vessels

Design of liturgical vestments and vessels • Manufacture of vestments and liturgical vessels • Renovation and maintenance • Storage of vestments and liturgical vessels

11. Parish offices, Archives, Libraries

ICT systems for offices, archives and libraries • Equipment for offices, archives and libraries • Training and courses in archiving • Office equipment and supplies

12. Religious publications and publishers

Religious literature • Religious Education and catechist magazines and  publications • Scientific publications in theology, philosophy, and law • Liturgical publications • Homiletics • Religious press

13. Multimedia evangelism

Film • Radio • Visual advertising • Public Relations • Verbal and non-verbal communication • Organisation of concerts and events • Internet • Multimedia equipment

14. Religious schools and colleges



15. Retreat houses



16. Religious tourism



17. Religious foundations, associations and movements



18. Charity and care in religious associations



19. ICT systems and databases creating



20. Devotional articles



21. Print design and services



22. Clothes and ready-made garment manufacture



23. Production of carbides for thuribles and incenses