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PLASTPOL 2024. New technologies, machines, production lines, granules… and the most awaited knowledge pack

plastpol-2023 - Plastpol is the leading European industry expo - said Krzysztof Nowosielski, Sales Director at ML Polyolefins. –The 2023  expo was when we initiated talks that took the shape as concrete cooperation. We couldn't choose another place to sign the contract than Targi Kielce and Plastpol - he reported. There are many more such businesses which start with the offer presentation. The recent expo brought together representatives of over 600 companies from 29 countries. The expo stands hosted nearly 15,000 visitors. The 2023 facts and figures make one can expect that the 28th show will be equally impressive.     

The next Plastics and Rubber Processing Fair Plastpol is to be held from 21 to 24 May 2024. The seven expo halls of Targi Kielce will again be filled with machines and technologies presented by the leading concerns. Raw materials and feedstock for processing, such as granules and recyclates, and even transport offers are also on show. - For 27 years, the industry and its companies have percieived PLASTPOL as the place to meet significant clients, prosper for new markets and establish key business contacts; says Kamil Perz Plastpol Project Director .  – Participation in our event brings tangible results. 

Agreements, sales and contracts worth millions

plastpol-2023 Plastpol 2023 was when many companies established cooperation and signed contracts. Arburg sold several machines,  7 million EUR contract for the purchase of a production line was signed with the German company Reifenhauser and the Polish producer Bogucki Folie. Plastpol 2023 also witnessed the signing of the first distribution agreement between the Polish recycler of plastics - ML Polyolefins and the most significant distributor from Western Europe - Brenntag. ML Polyolefins will export its recycled products to six countries;  Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  - Plastpol expo was the foundation stone of our cooperation; the official form of cooperation was the contract signed here - emphasised Krzysztof Nowosielski, commercial director at ML Polyolefins.

And there were even more deals concluded at the show  or after the trade fair. The exhibitors praise the opportunity to meet thousands of visitors. – Our expo stand was packed with customers, and also people who would like to learn about our latest technologies, even about Industry 4.0. We are here every year and we will exhibit in 2024 as well - Adam Marciniak from Engel Polska makes his promises.

The consumer recession in the plastics processing industry

The business talks atmosphere is conducive for looking into the future. The future is filled with changes and challenges for companies operating in the plastics and rubber processing industry. Exciting discussions accompanied the conference organised by the PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation;  the representation of plastics producers in Poland, follows many-year tradition and presents the current data on the plastics industry situation in Poland on Europe's backdrop. The Plastics and Rubber Processing Fair PLASTPOL is the presentation arena. According to experts speaking at the conference, the industry has been developing at an excellent pace over the years; however, the decline in the industry's growth rate after a temporary rebound after the pandemic is a concerning trend.

Such a low growth is attributed to the fact that the economy entered into the so-called consumer recession. This is the main reason according to specialists. The data clearly indicate that consumers have started to reduce consumption. Analysts forecast that the trend will continue throughout 2023, which also directly translates into the situation of the plastics industry.

Plastpol - towards environmental protection and circularity

plastpol-2023 Forecasts also indicate that the European plastics industry, as one of the industries most affected by the energy crisis, and at the same time striving to meet climate regulations, may also face serious challenges in the coming years.

– The plastics industry has long been moving towards circularity and zero-carbon goals,  we believe this is the way for our industry to contribute to fundamental environmental goals, deliver benefits to society, and continue to grow at the same time. Thus it is essential to stay focused on your goals, keep your commitments and commit to industry initiatives like Operation Clean Sweep® – convinces Anna Kozera-Szałkowska, the PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation's Director. 

Circularity was another important and widely discussed challenge; the limitation of non-recyclable packaging production and introducing packaging that can be reused were discussed during the conference "Recycling of plastics - one goal, many possibilities". 

The PLASTECH INFO Technical Seminar was one of the accompanying events at this year's PLASTPOL Expo in Kielce. The presentations and speeches focused on the "Advanced polymeric materials - technologies, processing, applications". - Thematic scope of the seminar mainly pertains to the role and importance of plastics in everyday human life, the material that gives the opportunity to develop and implement innovative solutions for the constantly changing needs and challenges of society. Plastics are comprehensive, durable and offer great potential to adapt to various needs. Plastics are unusual materials, inextricably linked with industry's and technology's development, innovativeness and science." says Jacek Szczerba, representing the Tworzywa.PL website.

All these challenges and changes will undoubtedly be discussed at 2024 Plastpol.

The upcoming Plastics and Rubber Processing Fair Plastpol is held from 21 to 24 May 2024.

12 april 2024
Visitors will see the t-win model, a servo-hydraulic double-plate machine - the design is based on the company's many years of experience in the industry and is aimed at maximising the efficiency and reliability of injection production. Participants are registering for the Plastpol 2024 exp (21 to 24 May)
05 april 2024
The growing need to introduce changes in the plastics industry and evolve towards sustainable production and effective recycling methods initiated the the Conferences and Networking Workshops for the academic and industrial milieus. The event prepared by TMBK Partners will take place on 22 and 23 May 2024 at Targi Kielce
05 april 2024
Plastpol expo welcomes Sumitomo (SHI) Demag. The company returns to reconfirm its strong position in energy efficiency and precision plastics processing by presenting an energy-saving, comprehensive production cell based on a fully electric injection moulding machine from the IntElect2 180/570-250 series. Visitors can register for the event held from 21 to 24 May at Targi Kielce
26 march 2024
Arburg, a world-renowned manufacturer of plastic injection moulding machines and a regular exhibitor of the May Plastpol Expo in Kielce, is preparing a presentation of the latest ALLROUNDER 720 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC injection moulding machine for the upcoming event. The company's expo stand offers extra attractions - a demonstration of the rapid production of half-liter beer mugs
22 march 2024
The latest technologies, the latest raw materials and services from around the world responding to the challenges of the plastics and rubber processing industry - 21 to 24 May at Targi Kielce. It is worth registering, purchasing a ticket at website and learning about solutions that will revolutionise enterprises
27 february 2024
Expo centres in Poland and abroad, organisers of all kinds of events expect to see ecological carpeting solutions. The company that will present the most advantageous technology at Targi Kielce's event (April 10 and 11) will find customers worldwide. 29 February is the deadline to register for the Targi Kielce Hackathon
29 january 2024
Four-time winner Jacek Łyżwa, Key Account Manager at Plastoplan Polska LLC talks about preparations for the competition and the Omniplast competition’s impact. The event is organised by Targi Kielce in cooperation with the website and held within the scope of Plastpol Expo - International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing. From 1 February, you can apply for the 13th edition.
09 january 2024
Representatives of companies exhibiting at the 28th International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL can already prepare to compete in the OMNIPLAST competition. OMNIPLAST is aimed to disseminate and popularise knowledge of plastic processing and related processing technologies. Prizes await the winners
19 october 2023
Changes in recycling regulations pose a challenge for companies, i.e. plastic converters. The European Green Deal assumes that the EU will become climate-neutral by 2050, in this context, the plastics processing industry must take specific actions to achieve this goal.
30 august 2023
Robert Szyman, general director of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters, discussed the forecasts for the plastics processing industry in an interview for the Polish Press Agency. Szyman stressed the growing role of recycling
24 august 2023
The Plastpol expo organisers will participate in the Central European Plastics Meeting in Budapest; the event on 19 and 20 September is conducted by the Hungarian consulting company myCEPPI, which analyses the polymer market

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