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mspo targi przemysłu obronnego The Defence Industry Expo - UK Lead Nation MSPO 2020

For 28 years, the September International Defence Industry Exhibition has been the presentation platform for defence industry companies from all corners of the world yet the expo is much more than a comprehensive showcase of military gear and equipment

The expo abounds with business meetings. This is also the place where the defence sector producers from different continents sign contracts. MSPO is ranked third among all Europe’s exhibition, right after the Paris and London trade shows. This year’s MSPO is held from 8 to 10 September 2020.  MSPO continues its many-year tradition - the Lead Nation Exhibition which has become an indispensable part of the expo agenda. The United Kingdom is this year’s featured country which presents its potentials. The Polish Armaments Group is MSPO's Strategic Partner.

It is worth recalling last year's success of both MSPO and LOGISTICS Expo -  the 2019’s Defence Industry Expo in Targi Kielce has gone down in history as the exhibition which brought 610 companies from 31 countries, including 303 Polish companies;  the expo hosted 58 official foreign delegations from 49 countries,   30.5 thousand guests from around the world joined the MSPO 2019, this number includes 13 thousand Open Day visitors, the final expo accord which accompanies MSPO.  President of Poland Andrzej Duda visited the expo for the consecutive time. 

mspo - targi obronne w Kielcach What is on display at 2020's MSPO?

Polish and global defence industry leaders’ expo stands at the 2020’s MSPO showcase helicopters, armoured equipment and rockets, explosives, chemical troops equipment and materials  complemented with armaments and aviation equipment, air-defence systems indispensable for air defence forces and the navy.  The companies which offer cutting-edge communication technologies, radio-electronic equipment and optoelectronics will also showcase at 2020’s MSPO.  The exhibition scope also encompasses food-stuffs and food preparation systems, storage and transport equipment complemented with various uniforms, accessories and medical supplies. 

MSPO - knowledge wealth on safety, security and defence

The expo agenda is enhanced with debates, conferences and seminars. 2019’s expo saw 38 sessions of different kind.  The Kielce Jan Kochanowski University’s International Politics and Security Institute organised the National Scientific Conference on the defence industry as Poland's economic and defence policy main subject. The seminar organised by the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology  “Polish supervision system over strategic importance     commodities in international trade" was also on the agenda.

Important contracts signed at the MSPO

mspo 2019 - galeria 27 The Kielce Defence Expo is much more then the latest equipment exhibition showcased by companies from Poland and abroad. MSPO is first and foremost the place to do business and talk shop.  The letters of intent and contracts regarding the equipment for the Polish army - the signing ceremonies in the presence of the Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak was also a significant part of 2091’s MSPO.  MESKO signed the agreement with the British company. Thus MESKO has become an integral part of the MBDA global supply chain received the first orders to produce missile components of various types under the MBDA programmes,  and among them the rockets offered by the European company for Polish modernization programmes. CAMM surface-to-air missiles are also on offer for the Narew short range air defence programme. Brimstone are to be included in the Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer, now under development.  MBDA cooperates with PGZ in both of these programs.

Top Level Defence

The Kielce expo continues its many year tradition; MSPO has been visited by high-ranking foreign delegations.  The exhibition hosts representatives of ministries and armed forces from around the world. They come to Kielce at the invitation of the Polish Minister of National Defence.  It is worth recalling that the US ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher was the MSPO 2019’s guest of honour. In her speech at the MSPO opening ceremony HE Ambassador referred to hundred-year long diplomatic relations between Poland and the United States.

The UK Lead Nation MSPO 2020 - UK Pavilion for the second time in MSPO history

mspo - zbrojeniówka na targach militarnych w Kielcach

The International Defence Industry Exhibition boasts many-year tradition - Lead Nations' Exhibitions which have been an indispensable part of the Expo since 2004.  Until now a whole array of countries have presented their military potentials:  Germany, Norway, France, Israel, Turkey, the USA, Sweden, the V4 Member Countries, United Kingdom, Italy and South Korea. The UK Lead Nation MSPO 2020 offers the chance to visit the British Pavilion for the second time in MSPO history – UK was the Kielce MSPO featured country in 2010 for the first time. The 2010 UK MSPO Lead Nation Exhibition was formally commenced by Sir James Gerald Douglas Howarth, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom Minister for International Security Strategy.   The 2019 US Lead Nation Exhibition was truly spectacular - the F-35 fighter model on show and the magnificent American army air-parade were real smash-hits. The UK Lead Nation MSPO 2020 promises to be equally impressive.

30 july 2020
Preparations for this year's International Defence Industry Exhibition in the home stretch - from 8 to 10 September Targi Kielce becomes the focal point for global defence milieus
29 july 2020
Each year, several hundred soldiers serve during the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Targi Kielce, the Armed Forces Exhibition preparation is regarded as a combat task. Such missions require proper reconnaissance. This year's meeting put safety and security during the COVID-19 pandemic at the top of the priorities ranking list.
23 july 2020
"The MSPO standing for the armaments and defence industry is unquestionable not only in Europe but also in the world. This year is extraordinary owing to the fact that other countries have decided not to organise similar exhibitions. Paradoxically this may offer a positive impulse for the Kielce Exhibition" - we read in a letter from the National Security Bureau addressed to Kielce Mayor, Mr Bogdan Wenta.
17 july 2020
For 28 years, the International Defence Industry Exhibition has hosted well-known Polish politicians, major political personages from various political backgrounds
16 july 2020
The representatives of the UK Embassy, PGZ and Targi Kielce were brought together at the Kielce exhibition and congress centre.
10 july 2020
The Targi Kielce Management Board’s official communication regarding the International Defence Industry Exhibition held from 8 to 10 September 2020.
09 july 2020
- If the Kielce defence industry is held, the Polish Armaments Group will undoubtedly become involved in this endeavour - said Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the Thursday (09.07.) visit to Skarżysko-based Mesko
25 june 2020
Shortly after the quarantine, Kielce Mayor, Mr Bogdan Wenta requested the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to hold an urgent meeting regarding the Polish Armaments Group participation in the International Defence Industry Exhibition
27 march 2020
The September 2019’s International Defence Industry Exhibition witnessed the Polish government filing in LOR Letter of Request regarding the purchase of Javelin Missile and Command Launch Unit
20 march 2020
The Gazeta Wyborcza Daily "SupeCities" plebiscite continues. The plebiscite has been organized to mark the occasion - the 30th anniversary of the first commune councils elections in the history of the Third Republic of Poland. The Gazeta's journalists make it possible for us to learn what particular cities can be proud of - in Kielce, the exhibition and congress centre ia a real pride of the city. There is no doubt about it
19 march 2020
Like many other trade fair events, the International Defence Industry Exhibition is a business meetings platform and much more - the possibility to meet interesting people who boast amazing biographies is often owed to Targi Kielce. The guest of honour at MSPO 2019 - Colonel Alfred Merrill Worden was a great personage you had the chance to meet
16 march 2020
Paris’ EURSATORY and London’s DSEI, the Targi Kielce International Defence Industry Exhibition are Europe’s three most important defence and security industry exhibitions. Therefore it comes as no surprise that globe’s most important and greatest market players, chief military suppliers as well as Lead Nation exhibitors want to mark their presence at the international trade show
27 january 2020

A draft of the Polish budget for 2020 earmarks over PLN 49 billion PLN for defence spending. This represents 2.1 percent of Poland’s GDP. This is the direct result of the armed forces modernization and finance act which stipulates a gradual defence expenditure increase up to 2.5 percent in 2030

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