Jubilee Armed Forces Exhibition - Poland; 25 years in NATO, safe and secure for 25 years

16 may 2024
XXVIII International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO is held from 3 to 6 September 2024. MSPO has been granted President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda’s Honorary Auspices. The preparations have entered the intense phase. Targi Kielce is again the place for meetings and discussions safety and security

Representatives of the Armed Forces Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support, Logistics Bases and the MSPO task force met at Targi Kielce for their annual reconnaissance. The meeting was designed to discuss details related to the shape of the 25th anniversary Armed Forces Exhibition, its size and the main theme. This year's exhibition celebrates Poland's 25th anniversary in the North Atlantic Alliance’s structures.

The three-day reconnaissance, (from 14 May), the exhibition’s appearance and the designs of individual units were determined. The issues related to the project logistics were also talked through: over 1,000 Polish soldiers take part in the annual show. Colonel Grzegorz Lisowski from the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support, the reconnaissance project manager, emphasised that preparing the Armed Forces Exhibition is like a combat task and requires appropriate orders, arrangements, and systematisation on many levels.

This year's show is of special character, as it celebrates the 25th anniversary of Poland's presence in NATO. The main theme is an excellent opportunity to present the achievements and progress made by the Polish armed forces since Poland joined the alliance. The exhibition will include a mission town, a patrol boat and a snowmobile.

The reconnaissance also focused on the logistics and safety of the Open Day. On 7 September, the Armed Forces Exhibition welcomes the general public.  MSPO offers the opportunity to talk to soldiers and learn about military equipment.



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