"The most important thing - to enable the expo centre’s development"

13 march 2024
Cezary Tomczyk, Deputy Minister of National Defence, held a press conference at Targi Kielce. There were no specific details at the conference, however positive declarations related to the Kielce exhibition and congress centre were abundant

 - The most important thing is to enable the expo centre’s development, and we will discuss forms of cooperation. However, we cannot talk about investors at the conference - said Minister Tomczyk, referring to the Doctor Andrzej Mochoń, president of the management board of Targi Kielce’s words, who declared the Kielce exhibition and congress centre full readiness for recapitalization. – However, I can say that wherever we can offer help, the help will be available – added the Minister.
The Minister devoted a lot of attention to the International Defence Industry Exhibition. – The government, the Ministry of National Defence, will support the Targi Kielce and its International Defence Industry Exhibition (…) We want the Polish and global arms industry to be present here in Kielce at the MSPO. From our point of view, MSPO is a strategic event serving the country's security – said the Minister Tomczyk. The military expo must be held in Kielce. This is an important event not only for the region and Poland, but for the entire Central Europe.

The press conference was also an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the future of Targi Kielce. The candidate of the Civic Coalition for the mayor of Kielce, Agata Wojda, who is running in the local elections was the addresse.

- Targi Kielce has been helping the city; this has been a profitable company for many years. (…) The time is now, when the expo centre is facing a huge challenge, and the city needs to show solidarity with it. Expansion is of strategic interest not only for the centre, but also for the city. To put it simply, I believe that at this point, when expo centre needs to invest, the city should leave the profits generated by this company for its disposal, said Agata Wojda.

The construction of the expo hall, postponed since 2019, is inevitable. The estimated cost of approximately PLN 100 million is not the company's only investment task. 2024 alone - the investment and renovation plan for Targi Kielce exceeds PLN 25 million.

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