MSPO 2020 Distinctions and awards


The Defender Award

  • The Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw (the leader); the Central Military Bureau of Design and Technology SA from Warsaw for the e-NOSP network-centric system which uses data teletransmission for readiness management of aircraft ground handling equipment
  • Military Institute of Armament Technology from Zielonka (the leader); Autocomp Management LLC  from Szczecin for the shooters training autonomous simulator of the PIORUN portable anti-aircraft missile system
  • ZURAD LLC, Ostrów Mazowiecka for RobUV


The General Commander of Branches of Armed Forces' Main Award and Distinction for the winner of "The Best Presentation – the Best Expo Stand" Competition 

  • Naval Inspector at the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces, Warsaw

the Diploma for:

  • The Education and Trainings Inspectorate of the General Commanded of Branches of Armed Forces


The Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support Award

  • 4 Regional Logistics Base  from Wrocław for SKN-1Z inspection and repair station of the DNRS / 288 sight at the HITFIST 30mm KTO ROSOMAK Wheeled Armoured Vehicle turret fire control system


Targi Kielce President of Board's Award

  • Air Force Institute of Technology from Warsaw (leader); Konfexim-2 LLC - for PILOT MARINE OUTFIT - survival kit for military aircraft crews



Targi Kielce awards for expo stand arrangement and expo-promotion


Distinctions for an attractive and intriguing expo stand presentation

  • HENSOLDT HOLDING Germany GmbH, Germany (E-21)

  • RAFAEL, Israel (E-47)

  • RAYTHEON Company, USA (E-33)



Medals for elegance and innovative exhibition presentation style:

  • HENSOLDT HOLDING Germany GmbH, Germany (E-21)
  • RAFAEL, Israel (E-47)
  • Raytheon Company , United States (E-38)


Extraordinary distinctions:

  • The Medal for UK Lead Nation Exhibition organisation presented to the UK Defence and Security Exports and the British Embassy and INTEC EXPORT INTELLIGENCE Ltd.
  • The Medal for the Armed Forces Exhibition organisation and management presented to The General Staff of the Polish Army, the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces and the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support
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