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The four days event promises to be really intense!

przemyslowa-wiosna-2022 The industry-specific STOM exhibitions cycle, along with accompanying events, is held in spring;  there is an exception, however. At the request of the exhibitors, the shows will last not three but four days.

2022's Industrial Spring was the stage for 250 working machines put on display in all seven halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. Targi Kielce hosted 500 exhibitors this year. The Expo attracted almost 10,000 business insiders. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to hear exhibitors' enormous satisfaction with the business talks and B2B meetings. This appetite for further professional face-to-face meetings keeps growing. Save the date - 28 to 31 March is another opportunity to attend this kind of convention held at Targi Kielce. 

Who is the target audience of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre's industrial events cluster? One dares say that representatives of almost every industry make the use of machines, tools, measurements, lasers, prototyping and similar technologies should visit the expos. 

Apart from business talks, what can the STOM guests expect? The Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies is famous for its dynamic presentation;  This year's Expo will be no different;  Presentations of cutting edge CNC machines, machine tools and milling machines, complemented with presentations of sheet metal forming and processing equipment, metal cutting, laser and laser technology shows, welding and industrial robot shows, 3D printer shows. Although the list is long, are just a fraction of what in the pipeline; the Kielce exhibition and congress centre's expo halls will be a busy place. The knowledge-packed meetings further boos the extraordinarily dynamic trade show.

We look forward to seeing you from 28 to 31 March 2023 - you cannot miss it! STOM-TOOL, STOM-BLECH&CUTTING, STOM-LASER, STOM-ROBOTICS, STOM-FIX, COTROL-STOM, KIELCE FLUID-POWER, EXPO-SURFACE, WELDING, 3D PRINTING DAYS, TEiA FAIR and WIRTOPROCESY. Hope to see you.

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In 2022, the Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies, with its accompanying events, was the showcase for 250 working machines in all 7 exhibition halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre The Expo attracted almost 10,000 business insiders. Who were the guests of the Industrial Spring?
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