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This INDUSTRIAL SPRING will undoubtedly go down in history!

przemsylowa-wiosna-2024-galeria-01.jpg [215.20 KB] 2024 Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring was held at quite extraordinary time. The industry has slowly recovered from stagnation. There have been agricultural strikes in the background; a perfect recipe for a failure. And the event culminated in utmost success. The exhibition hosted 1,000 more visitors than last year.

2024 Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies and its accompanying events hosted 22,000 visitors. There were additional benefits for industry insiders calling in the expo centre. The number of technical school students visiting the fair decreased - this year, there were only 1,500, and last year there were 2,500. The exhibitors' feedback leaves no doubt; this has been a really good trade show.

- We returned to Kielce last year, we missed the opportunity during the pandemic. We have exhibited for many years because we find the event held in Kielce is the most important for our industry in Poland. It is definitely worth being a part of the show;  expo participation offers us brand recognition. There is never enough boost in brand recognition. Even though our brand is well-known among customers, there are always prospective customers. The show also offers a chance to show new products. Usually, the first expo day us used to ramp up and gain momentum. This time, the number of people on the first was at par with the turnout on on the second day. People we have known visited us, we had conversations which related to the contacts that had already started. My take on it is that we are satisfied with the signatures on the dotted line - this is how Jakub Szyndlar and how Jakub Szyndlar, Abplanalp Customer Development Technologist, recapitulated the Industrial Spring 2024 participation.

przemsylowa-wiosna-2024-galeria-02.jpg [189.46 KB] A wealthy offer

Nearly 600 exhibitors presented exactly what Industrial Spring has been created for - machines working live. Robots - there are more and more of them every year. This year offered abundance of dynamic presentations of complete robotic lines. Cutting tools, grinding technology had also a strong representation. Machine tools reigned supreme in the E Expo Hall, and 3D printing enthusiasts could also enjoy these experiences. Measuring devices also made up a large part of the exhibition.

Technologies knowledge pool

The knowledge-packed meetings are an indispensable part the Industrial Spring; this year's agenda  also deserved special attention. A specialised conference organised by a well-known industry publishing house  ELAMED was designed to present the latest technological solutions in the steel processing market. The "INNOVATION and NEW TECHNOLOGIES" seminar was a perfect place for exhibitors to present their company-focused information package, and disseminate technology and product information. The annual Laser Processing Seminar was the knowledge complement of the STOM-Laser; all types of laser technologies used in industry is the seminar's main theme. The Seminar on  "Rapid prototyping of metals" was the exciting and compelling proposal ofŁukasiewicz Research Network – Upper Silesian Institute of Technology .

Medals and distinctions - the expo tradition

The gala ceremony was held on the first day of the show was when the best products and services showcased at the expo earned accolades. The Jury Panel of each expo decided which products deserve recognition. The jury panel was composed of leading business insiders. The awarding ceremony also encompassed Top Design awards and distinctions for original and modern style of expo presentation. The Targi Kielce Management Board also recognised the companies that are celebrating their anniversaries this year.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring held  from  25 to 28 March 2025.

20 march 2024
The Industrial Spring offers an opportunity to participate in a conference devoted to the latest technological solutions in steel processing, which significantly impact the quality and efficiency of work in Polish production plants. This year's expo continues until Friday, 22 March.
20 march 2024
The professor of the Kielce University of Technology, the rector of the university for two terms in 2008-2016, presented his new publication at the Industrial Spring. The book is a knowledge compendium devoted to metrology and surface analysis. The publication is the result of several decades’ experience in the industry and the author's research and scientific achievements
19 march 2024
The seminar offers insight into modern industry technologies, robotics, automation, and many other topics of pivotal importance. The inaugural speech was devoted to activities related to ESG
19 march 2024
- A new approach to product manufacturing - the use of 3D printing. Dedicated devices presented at the STOM Expo serve the purpose. These are supported with devices used in welding processes - explained Marek Węglowski at the beginning of the seminar. The event was organized by the Upper Silesian Institute of Technology, which is part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network
19 march 2024
Almost 600 exhibitors, co-exhibitors and represented companies from 21 countries. The additional temporary expo hall exhibition space 10% larger than at the previous expos. The 2024 Targi Kielce industrial cycle promises to be a record-breaking event
18 march 2024
An interesting exhibition, a rich program at "speech arena" - temporary expo hall I - you must visit during this year's Industrial Spring. For the first time in history, the STOM series exhibitors exceeded the 7 expo halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. For this year's Industrial Spring, temporary expo hall I will be used.
14 march 2024
Wednesday, 13 March, marks the change in traffic organization at the intersection of Batalionów Chłopskich, Wystawowa and Malików streets in Kielce. Road services have started a comprehensive reconstruction of the area, and the current intersection will be replaced by a turbine roundabout.
06 march 2024
The editorial staff of "Industrial Paint Shop" invites you to paint shows and industry-focussed during the EXPO-SURFACE - the Exhibition of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface Treatment which offer a valuable substantive and practical dose of knowledge. The exhibition features a robust knowledge-packed part
04 march 2024
This year's Industrial Spring abounds in interesting accompanying events; one of them will be offered by the Polish Metrological Union; this presentation is held under the banner of "Smart metrology solutions for the industry of the future x.0"
26 february 2024
It is difficult to imagine the Industrial Spring without one of the world's giants - TRUMPF; also this year, the company has announced a fascinating presentation in E Expo Hall
23 february 2024
ITA is a Polish company that has provides comprehensive tool systems and solutions for industrial metrology for 24 years. At this year's Industrial Measurement Technology Expo, the company will present several new products
16 february 2024
GF Machining Solutions is ranked among the leaders in precision engineering. The company provides advanced manufacturing solutions for production of mechanical components and the highest precision tools. This Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring welcomes the company’s presentation at Targi Kielce
14 february 2024
CHIRON Group boasts its rich history of over a hundred years. CHIRON specialises in the production of high-performance vertical milling and mill-turning machining centres. What will the company show at March Industrial Spring?
02 february 2024
This year's Industrial Spring abounds with extremely interesting, knowledge-packed meetings. One is prepared by Łukasiewicz - Upper Silesian Institute of Technology
29 january 2024
The spring industrial cycle in the Kielce exhibition and Congress Centre - much ore than a stunning exhibition. The list of knowledge events accompanying the expo includes a specialist conference organised by the respected industry publishing house. The conference dates: 20 March
25 january 2024
Less than two months before the Industrial Spring's commencement, the list of exhibitors and the offers they bring to Kielce look impressive. Meet another company that will be present their offer at the Kielce exhibition and congress centre; March 19 to 22
24 january 2024
The "INNOVATION and NEW TECHNOLOGIES" seminar is a perfect way to present a package of information about a company, technology or products. This form is a perfect complement to the exhibition
18 january 2024
The next STOM-LASER Expo welcomes the international manufacturer of laser systems, Trotec. The firm will present innovative devices from its wide range of laser machines - the SpeedMarker 700 laser marking machine and the Speedy 400 flexx laser plotter. Lasers are used for marking, engraving and cutting. The appliance was created for the automation and optimisation of production processes.
05 january 2024
The Targi Kielce cycle stands a chance to break its own records. Just over two months before the expo commencement, the exhibition area was 10% larger than last year's. IOW TRADE has joined the exhibitors; fellowship
11 december 2023
Visitors registration for events collectively called Industrial Spring has started. This is your chance to find new business contacts with representatives of various industries at Targi Kielce - 19 March to 22, 2024.
28 november 2023
HGM Machines LLC cooperates with European brands and manufacturers who create their Tirzepatid devices and tools; the best and highest standards are the products' DNA. This Industrial Spring (March 2024) welcomes the company's presentation at Targi Kielce
14 november 2023
TIMATE's clients are mainly logistics, production and medical companies with a headcount of at least several hundred people. Visitors to the Targi Kielce industrial cycle can also learn about the company's unique system.
30 october 2023
The STOM-TOOL Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools is one of the most important elements of the Targi Kielces spring industrial cycle. One of its regular exhibitors - RoTec Polska cannot miss this event.
26 october 2023
The Industrial Spring 2024. Preparations - full steam ahead. Exhibitors are already preparing an exciting offer for Targi Kielce’s guests. CoRobotics will present its portfolio at the Industrial Robotics Expo
13 october 2023
The previous industrial exhibition cluster held at Kielce exhibition and congress centre used all exhibition space i.e. all seven expo halls. The considerable interest in Industrial Spring 2024 results in one extra pavilion at exhibitors' disposal.
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