Seminar on Innovations and New Technologies goes down in history

19 march 2024
The seminar offers insight into modern industry technologies, robotics, automation, and many other topics of pivotal importance. The inaugural speech was devoted to activities related to ESG

Piotr Placha, the top expert in the Department of Market Analysis and Strategies of PAIH, a strategic analyst and business advisor, talked about the changes in ESG reporting that will impact entrepreneurs. In his speech, he also referred to "good practices" in reporting and encouraged the conference participants to prepare in advance.

7S5A5099.JPG [2.80 MB]

Next speech offered the participants the possibility to discuss "Trends in robotics- Cobots in use". Olaf Parasiewicz from CoRobotics and Leo Cho, representing Hanwha Corporation, talked about collaborative robots.

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The last lecture of the day featured Rafał Grabowski, founder of ROBOTPOL ROBOTYZACJA PRZEMYSŁU;  this  Polish entrepreneur and robotics visionary, a recognized expert in industrial automation spoke about "The growing role of robotisation and innovative technologies in the Polish production sector."

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Tomorrow the "speech arena" stage in I expo hall is also the venue for "Innovations and new technologies" seminar - "Practical applications of production data - integration of machinery with Comarch IoT MES" is one of many topics discussed. We are looking forward to seeing you  - join at 14.00.

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