STOM-TOOL 2024: There will a plethora of new products from RoTec Polska

30 october 2023
The STOM-TOOL Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools is one of the most important elements of the Targi Kielces spring industrial cycle. One of its regular exhibitors - RoTec Polska cannot miss this event.

RoTec Polska was established in 2006 and from the very beginning it has been the exclusive representative in Poland of the German company SCHENCK RoTec GmbH, belonging to the DÜRR AG group, a world leader in the production of balancing machines.

Schenck-Logo-Passion4Balancing100cm-2.jpg [115.73 KB]

Since 2014, the company has also been the exclusive representative in Poland of Ecoclean GmbH - a German manufacturer of advanced industrial washers.

Moreover, the company is a distributor in Poland of ultrasonic cleaners from the Spanish company Ultratecno, dry ice cleaning devices from Cryonomic, and vibroabrasive processing devices from Alufer.

RoTec Polska offers professional services in: consulting, machines sales, comprehensive services, spare parts sale, equipment modernization and maintenance - machines certification, balancing, cleaning service, training and consulting. Machines' capabilities and potentials are presented in our showroom.

The upcoming Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring is held from 19 to 22 March 2024 - please join us and visit the expo stand of our exhibitor.

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