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Industrial Laser and Laser Technology Expo STOM-LASER

Laser Expo in Kielce exhibition and congress centre!


The STOM-LASER Expo - Lasers and Laser Technologies Exhibition is devoted to industrial lasers and the use of laser technologies in the industry. STOM-LASER has been a substantial part of the Industrial Spring's agende for years.

The exhibition presents the equipment used for the automation and mechanization of production processes, as well as the equipment used for the regeneration of machine parts and tools. The STOM-LASER expo offer is also enhanced by presentations of the latest technologies - laser and hybrid welding as well as laser hardening, depositing and cutting. The show also brings together companies which deal in technology selection process, integration of laser applications into industrial systems as well as laser optics. Other events of the industrial cycle promise to be equally interesting: STOM-TOOL, STOM-BLECH&CUTTING, STOM-ROBOTICS, STOM-FIX, KIELCE FLUID-POWER, WELDING, EXPO SURFACE, 3D PRINTING DAYS, TEiA and WIRTOPROCESY.

We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's trade shows.