STOM ROBOTICS 2024 - the CoRobotics offer is worth looking into!

26 october 2023
The Industrial Spring 2024. Preparations - full steam ahead. Exhibitors are already preparing an exciting offer for Targi Kielce’s guests. CoRobotics will present its portfolio at the Industrial Robotics Expo

CoRobotics is a supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of automation and robotics. CoRobotics is a Polish distributor of leading robot brands - NACHI, HANWHA, Asyril, OnRobot, Convergent Informtion Technologies, and Robotiq.

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NACHI is a Japanese manufacturer; in business since 1968. Extensive robots offer, with over 60 models dedicated to almost all applications in industry. The range includes 4/6 and 7-axis robots through SCARA robots. Regardless of whether you need a robot to manipulate small parts with 0.014 mm  repeatability or to move entire bodies in the automotive industry weighing 1,700 kg, you will find the right solution in the NACHI offer. If you need ultra-fast 4-axis robots for palletising, robots for painting in Ex explosive zones, a robot frame with a geometry dedicated to welding as well as a 7-axis model whose geometry allows you to reach the most complicated nooks and crannies of CNC machines are also available.

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HANWHA is a large concern from South Korea. HANWHA produces jet engines, CNC and SMT machines, to name a few.  The HCR cobot on offer stands out from collaborative robots with a durable all-metal housing and durable design solutions, making it ideal for difficult 24/7/365 working conditions. Moreover, cobot works safely with humans presence; it stops safely immediately whenever there is a collision. The HCR collaborative robot provides high precision - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is important for repetitive, tedious activities in difficult working conditions. Regardless of whether we are talking about noise, dust, oil mist or hot, sharp objects;  additionally, the machine ensures 100% repeatability and high quality. Ease of programming and speed of implementation, makes HCR collaborative robots (corobots) helpful in carrying out tasks previously unavailable to robots. ASYRIL is the innovative Swiss AsyCube solutions for positioning and sorting elements by robots. This system - a vibrating table using patented 3D vibration technology, additionally enriched with the EYE+ vision system and BackLight backlight, together with specially profiled plates, is able to separate, sort and position almost 99% of elements of any shape and geometry, precisely, quickly and gently.  The AsyCube vibrating feeder works with most robots and cobots available on the market.


CoRobotics, together with authorised Integrators, provides sales, training, service, consulting, designs, assembly, commissioning of robots, feeders, robotic stations, machines, and production lines.

This year's edition of STOM ROBOTICS welcomes CoRobotics’ presentations;  innovative solutions for industrial automation and robotisation using NACHI industrial robots, HCR cobots and AsyCube vibrating feeders with EYE+ systems. The company provides comprehensive solutions in the form of robotic stations, palletisers, case packers, robotic cells, dedicated machines and complete production lines.  We invite you to talk about effective robotisation.

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