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Private Label Expo with hundreds of meetings. Promising business perspectives and signing of premilitary contracts

The Private Label Expo was the arena for groundbreaking conversations and signing key agreements. Talk shop sessions and contracts at the Targi Kielce. The most significant is the agreement between "Pszczółka" Candy Factory from Lublin and the Lulu International Group from the United Arab Emirates was one of the expo highlights. The companies agreed to send trial containers of sweets, which opened a new chapter in international cooperation.

future-private-labels The expo dynamics was enhanced by the show's contracting format. Producers and distributors of private labels from Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Albania, Estonia and the United States could make the most of the event's potential. Effective business relationships were established with representatives of  Polish, European and Middle Eastern retail chains.

Contacts signed in Targi Kielce turn into tangible business

Cezary Szyłak, private label director at the Chorten Group, notes significant qualitative progress compared to previous expos held before the pandemic. - Today's form, i.e. B2B contracting show, is more attractive. The format, which included pre-arranged meetings, makes sense and organises our time in the expo centre. We have established contacts that we may translate into a business, for example, those with Mielczarek Meat Processing Plant - he says.

Mirosław Sadecki, the GRAM Market owner, emphasises the successful experience on the first day of the expo. Mr Sadecki expresses confidence that their participation next year will be equally fruitful. – We have benefited from the expo and we intend to join the next - he comments. New business opportunities offered by this unique event deserve and increased participants' recognition.

future-private-labels-2 Retail chains such as Intermarché and Bricomarché describe the event as inspiring, full of valuable contacts and fruitful conversations. They say: we had over 50 business meetings on the first day.

Other representatives of the merchant zone, including the Auchan, Stokrotka, Polska Grupa Zakupowa Kupiec and Spiżarnia Wholesaler, say they are satisfied with their participation. When asked about specifics, many reply: "Money likes silence." Still, they also indicate that many conversations will see continuation.

The Private Labels department director in the Lulu International Group, Shamim Sainulabdeen, emphasises the positive results, especially talking shop with "Pszczółka" Candy Factory. It was possible to arrange the shipment of trial containers with candies already during the expo; this opens up new prospects for cooperation. The group is also interested in many other products.  - Cookies, juices, vegetable and fruit preserves, hygiene products such as toilet paper... We have already discussed introducing these products under our retail chains' private label - reported director Shamim Sainulabdeen.

The Private Label Expo - the window of opportunity and a cooperation facilitator

According to Artur Krzeszowiak, a B2B cooperation specialist at the National Food Group, not only the "Pszczółka" Candy Factory has reasons for satisfaction.  – Each of the companies that presented their offer at our expo stand has found partners to talk to. This is conducive to these entities' development. Potato Industry Company Trzemeszno, Stoisław Mills, Włocławek Polish Preserves, and Zamość Grain Works have established good business relations;  it takes time to see results, but we already enjoy this positive development. Our companies operate in the private label industry, so we find the Kielce event valuable and successful. We count on developing cooperation in the coming years - says Artur Krzeszowiak.

Other exhibitors also talk about effective conversations. Agnieszka Kacperek of Dawtona points out that participation in the event opened several new doors. – We have gained contacts with companies with whom we have not cooperated before. This new network of contacts is important to us – she says.

– We had good meetings with representatives of Spiżarnia, Intermarche and Amic Energy (a fuel company). We already cooperate with the Lulu Group, we send our products to them, but they are labelled Balviten brand. Now we were talking about private labels -explains Karolina Kwapik from Balviten Glutenfree. The success of the business talks is also emphasised by representatives of Polish companies, such as Pupil Foods (animal food), Fructa Drinks, Awex (meats), Smak Górno Meat Processing Company, Escargots (snails), Rocket Poland (batteries), TrezorWines, as well as the Albanian Lajthiza Invest ( mineral water), Estonian Rhumveld Baltic (dried fruits), German NÖLKEN (hygienic products), Slovak companies and  Cessi (pasta), Tatrakon (canned food), Novofruct (child food) among Slovak group.

Andrzej Mochoń PhD, President of the Board, Targi Kielce SA. says that the expo is bound for a great future owing to its potential.  - This contracting, B2B expo - the show's DNA may make it a leading meeting in Central and Eastern Europe - says the president of Targi Kielce, Doctor Andrzej Mochoń.

Targi Kielce  for the development of the meat industry

The meat industry participated in the Taste of Quality® competition organised by the "Rzeźnik Polski" monthly, a part of the Gemini Group a partner of the Private Label Expo. The competition was an opportunity to start and strengthen relationships with retail chains.

About 20 companies registered 80 products for the premiere edition. Among them, representatives of the Eurocash, Specjał, King, Auchan and Intermarche retail chains selected winners in various categories. In the Taste of Innovation category   Pamas Salami  took first place; the "Salami spinata Pamas with green pepper" product was the winner. In  Taste of Convenience  category - Meat Plant Łuków with its slow-cooked beef ribs came first. In  Taste of Nature  category,  Mielczarek Meat Plant  and its "A piece of bread with meat and onion" came first. In the Premium Taste category, first place went to Aleksandria company with its "Vienna Ham".

Specialist knowledge was shared during the meeting called Round table of the Meat Industry and Modern Trade, also organised by the "Rzeźnik Polski" monthly. - Not everyone exactly knows what conditions must be met to put their products on retail chains' shelves - says Marek Bielski, publisher of the monthly magazine. – Often, after taking specific steps, this cooperation does not materialise;  no exchange related to requirements or expectations takes place. This meeting is intended to facilitate cooperation in the future.

Discussions about the future of private labels and the export potential of companies

For the first time, participants of the Private Label Expo also took part in two additional accompanying events. The Congress of Expansive Exporters offered specific tips regarding entering new markets, details related to human resources and the tax system. Prospects for export development and expansion to distant markets were also discussed. Experts indicated where to look for opportunities to maintain high development dynamics in the future.

Private Label Forum was devoted to discussions and lectures on the development of the industry. The event discussed introduction of private labels for sale and the restrictions complemented with contracts  negotiation for with regards of the private label products, the role of labels in creating a brand in the eyes of consumers. – Retail chains decide to introduce provate labels to build a network of loyal customers. Uniqueness, consistency, quality, benefit and commitment are the most important features  said Marek Marzec, owner of the Ewa Bis Group, which was both events' organiser.

The Private Label Expo -  the platform for inspiration and business development

The Targi Kielce's Private Label Expo and the accompanying events proved to be the right platform for fruitful negotiations, but also the place to derive inspiration, boost business development and establish lasting business relationships. A vast majority of exhibitors declare participation in the 2024's epxo. We look forward to seeing you!

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16 november 2023
The variety of offers, producers from Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Albania, Estonia and the United States convened the Private Labe Expo. The show was is impressive. The expo was held in Targi Kielce on 15 and 16 November
16 november 2023
The value of the sales basket of FMCG products in Poland in September this year - PLN 271 billion. The lion's share, i.e. almost 73%, are food products. Data quoted by Retail Services NielsenIQ expert Przemysław Korotus shows that the share of private labels amounted to nearly PLN 53 billion, over 20% of the value of the entire basket
16 november 2023
Pamas Salami won in the Taste of Innovation category, Łuków Meet Processor took first place in the Taste of Convenience category. The Taste of Nature category's number title goes to Mielczarek Meet Processor, and Aleksandria won in the Premium Taste category. The competition and gala ceremony were held during the Private Label Expo on 15 November
15 november 2023
International cooperation for exports, financing and securing foreign transactions and many other issues were discussed by specialists gathered for the Private Label Expo's accompanying event on Wednesday, 15 November, at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre
15 november 2023
Cooperation - mutual assistance, organisation of business missions and economic conferences - these are the pillars of the letter of intent signed on Wednesday, 15 November by representatives of Targi Kielce, the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Sino-Polish Chamber of Commerce
15 november 2023
Private Label Expo at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre - the commencement. Wednesday, 15 November and Thursday, 16 November - companies, producers and representatives of retail chains from Poland, Europe and the Middle East present their offers here
14 november 2023
Both retail chains headquartered in France and Germany operate on international markets. In Poland, they have firmly established their positions in the consumer market. The retail chain representatives confirmed their participation in the Targi Kielce event (15 and 16 November 2023); they will be looking for products to launch as private labels
10 november 2023
Future Private Labels Expo at Targi Kielce - a unique place where retail chains meet manufacturers. The platform for building valuable contacts. The November event participants (15 and 16 Nov.) welcome enterprises the largest state-owned food producer in Poland.
06 november 2023
The company specialises in producing wet wipes, breast pads and care cosmetics; these are offered as private labels. Nölken Hygiene will present its comprehensive offer during the Private Label Expo on 15 and 16 November 2023 at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre
03 november 2023
Elena is a leading company among domestic and foreign producers of freeze-dried food, a reliable partner both in Poland and Europe's markets. ELENA cooperates with a large group of food-producing concerns, including dairies, tea producers, instant meals suppliers, bakeries and confectioneries. The private label products offer will be presented on 15 and 16 November 2023 at Targi Kielce
31 october 2023
"The private label market in the Polish FMCG industry is worth PLN 48 billion," reads the report of the "CPS GfK consumer panel - Private Brands 2023" published on 30 October by the Polish Press Agency. Therefore the Private Label Expo becomes a key event for the industry, providing an opportunity for producers, distributors and retail chains to use the full potential of this sector
30 october 2023
This one of the largest Polish distributors of FMCG goods, the firm supplies products to Poles living in Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, to name a few. The company's private labels are also on offer. Representatives of Spiżarnia keep looking for new products, thus, they confirmed their participation in the Private Label Expo in Kielce.
24 october 2023
Taste and products evaluation - companies present their portfolios on 15 November 2023 at Targi Kielce. You can still register to take part in the project, which is organised by the Rzeźnik Polski monthly under the auspices of the Association of Butchers and Meat Makers of the Republic of Poland - the competition is a part of the Private Label Expo
23 october 2023
Representatives of the Polish retail chains - Lewiatan, Stokrotka, Chorten, Polish Purchase Grou Kupiec, as well as Scamark Polska which purchases products to be sold under E.Leclerc private label will take a closer look at the producers' offer showcased on 15 and 16 November at Targi Kielce
19 october 2023
The event at Targi Kielce welcomes the LuLu International Group representatives who learn about the private label offer, producers and materials. 15 and 16 November 2023 is the chance to become familiar with the offering. The company is a key player in the Gulf region's economy, generating annual sales of $8 billion
11 october 2023
The ChocoSuc Partner chocolate factory, Intersnack snack manufacturer, and the Tatranská mliekareň a.s. Kežmarok and Milsy dairies occupy an important place in the Slovak food market. Companies present comprehensive offer to buyers from Poland and abroad attending the Private Label Expo on 15 and 16 November 2023 at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre.
05 october 2023
A Polish company will present its comprehensive offer to buyers from Poland and abroad attending the Private Label Expo on 15 and 16 November 2023 at the Targi Kielce Congress Center. The company has a pet-foods chef offering healthy food cooked with love for 30 years. The company keeps perfecting its recipes.
05 october 2023
Articles intended for daily care and hygiene for children and infants available under the mBaby and Lulu Design brands, as well as household products under the Maltex Home brand, will be presented to buyers from Poland and Europe at the Private Label Expo. The event will be held on 15 and 16 November 2023 at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre.
04 october 2023
Private label producers and cooperating companies, as well as those supporting enterprises in creating provate label products, come to the Kielce exhibition and congress centre with a diverse offer. The exhibitors' list of the November event (15 and 16) includes Avery Dennison, a company from the United States. Its proposal will be of interest to both producers and representatives of retail chains.
03 october 2023
Meat producers and trade representatives can join the discussion at the Round Table held within the scope of Kielce Private Labels Expo. This is the first and only event of this type in the meat industry, designed to open as the gateway to new opportunities and valuable business relationships. The event is held on 15 November 2023.
03 october 2023
You can now register for the tastiest event of the year, which will prove that quality has taste. The best possible taste! The Taste of Quality® competition is an opportunity to show that only tasty, healthy products spiced with true passion deserve to be called quality products. The event on 15 November 2023 at Targi Kielce, a part of the FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS expo - an opportunity you cannot miss!
28 september 2023
Specific market data, quality assessment, packaging and labels, challenges related to the production and sale of private labels, the participation of representatives of producers and retail chains. Experts’ discussions at the Private Brands Forum. The event will be held in Targi Kielce's Congress Centre on 15 November, simultaneously with the Private Labels Expo.
20 september 2023
The Private Labels Expo will present a wide variety of products from Poland and abroad. There will be as many as 10 companies from Slovakia among the exhibitors. The FPL offers the opportunity to bring together producers, distributors and representatives of retail chains from Poland and abroad; the Targi Kielce Congress Centre becomes the one-stop-shop for the whole business sector. Join us on 15 and 16 November.
12 september 2023
"Taste of Quality" competition is one of the activities in addition to the Round Table of the Meat Industry and Modern Trade and a joint exhibition zone. – The event will take place on 15 and 16 November - it offers a great opportunity to present the offer and establish business relationships – says Marek Bielski, owner of the Gemini Group, the Agency, which partners the Private Label Expo
30 august 2023
15 and 16 November in Targi Kielce is the time reserved for private labels. Lectures and discussions focus on topics that will help plan the activities of companies, and both industries will benefit. It is worth buying a ticket now and participating in the accompanying events to the Private Labels
28 august 2023
The Private Label Expo welcomes the franchise chain of grocery supermarkets - Intermarché operating as part of the Muszkieter Group - the most prominent European association of independent entrepreneurs. The Group has joined the buyers fellowship of private labels show held on 15 and 16 November. The firm's specialists will be looking for new products showcased at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre.
25 august 2023
FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS - Poland's only event, solely focussed on private labels The FPL offers the opportunity to bring together producers, distributors and representatives of retail chains from Poland and abroad; the Targi Kielce Congress Centre becomes the one-stop-shop for the whole business sector. Join us on 15 and 16 November. The buyers' fellowship includes the National Trading Platform Społem
22 august 2023
Targi Kielce - 15 and 16 November is when producers and buyers establish business relations. - These two days' event is an excellent opportunity to present products and meet representatives of retail chains from Poland and abroad. The Private Label Expo is accompanied by the Congress of Expansive Exporters and the Private Label Forum - says Marek Marzec, president of Ewa - Bis, which organises the event in partnership with Targi Kielce
07 august 2023
Future Private Labels Expo is Poland's only event entirely devoted to private labels. FPL will bring together producers, distributors and representatives of retail chains from Poland and abroad. Targi Kielce is the meeting point. The event is organised at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre on 15 and 16 November; the exhibitors list includes is the Amtra Group, a manufacturer and main representative of many brands on the Polish market
25 july 2023
The event connecting public institutions and the sector of services for exporters as well as entrepreneurs - the Targi Kielce Congress Centre hosts the event on November 15 and 16. The 2nd Congress of Expansive Exporters is organised by the Ewa-Bis, one of the leading exporters of fruit and vegetables in Poland and a partner of the Private Label Expo
20 july 2023
The Private Labels Expo has been designed to prepare meetings whose objective is to inspire producers to find new ways of selling. Retail chains representatives receive the products they expect and fill shop shelves. This is the talk-shop time; in order to make the most of the meetings, the expo organisers have prepared the Hosted Buyers program for buyers from Poland and abroad
17 july 2023
Future Private Labels Expo, is Poland's only event entirely devoted to private labels. FPL will bring together producers, distributors and representatives of retail chains from Poland and abroad. Targi Kielce is the meeting point. The exhibitors list includes Piskorek, the family company famous for its traditional sour rye soup and borscht.
10 july 2023
A diverse offer will be presented at the Future Private Labels Expo, the only event in Poland devoted 100% to private labels. 15 and 16 November in Targi Kielce - Polish and German companies offer the expo stands. Manufacturers of cosmetics for cars, plastic packaging, as well as the owner of the Bricomarché and Intermarche supermarket chains have already joined the expo
06 july 2023
Business challenges and the role of private labels, innovations and creation of new offers… These and many other important topics will be discussed by the participants of the Private Brands Forum held during Future Private Labels Expo in Targi Kielce.
29 may 2023
The Kielce exhibition and congress centre has signed an official agreement with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. Until now, the cooperation pertained to some events, such as SlavicB2Beauty, now it is to cover the most important trade fairs taking place in Kielce
27 april 2023
Targi Kielce has started cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, which has become a partner of the FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS Private Label Producers Exhibition The event is held on 15 and 16 November 2023.
25 april 2023
We are pleased to inform you that Targi Kielce has been admitted to the Polish Chamber of Packaging’s ranks

Exhibitors about the expo

Exhibitors about the expo

Bogdan Ryś Marina Spices, Wieliczka

"In Kielce, during the private label trade fair, we appeared for the second time. This year's edition was very successful for us, we established several interesting contacts. I believe that they will result in cooperation."

Michał Przyłucki Galicia-Trade, Horodok

"Our feelings are very positive. We met many interesting people, both at the conference and in informal conversations at the booth. I think this will translate into our further activity in Poland and beyond."

Joao Ramos, Jeronimo Martins Polska

"In a conference and event like Future Private Labels, it's about more than just promoting a product. It's valuable to focus on the direction in which the private label market is moving as a whole - this applies to both retailers and companies offering products under their own brands."