Pupil Foods with food for pets at the Private Label Expo in Kielce

05 october 2023
A Polish company will present its comprehensive offer to buyers from Poland and abroad attending the Private Label Expo on 15 and 16 November 2023 at the Targi Kielce Congress Center. The company has a pet-foods chef offering healthy food cooked with love for 30 years. The company keeps perfecting its recipes.

Pupil Foods to firma z całkowicie polskim kapitałem, która od prawie 30 lat jest obecna na rynku pet food, jest zbudowana na stabilnych fundamentach tradycji i lokalnego patriotyzmu.

Pupil Foods is Polish capital-only company. The firm has been present on the pet food market for almost 30 years, and it relies on stable foundations of tradition and local patriotism.

Thanks to its location in central Poland, the company guarantees customers security and speedy deliveries. PUPIL Foods supplies products to the largest retail and distribution networks in Poland and around the world, constantly expanding sales markets in the modern and traditional channels.

The company has regularly introduced brands as a response to changing market needs. The firms specialised products, are dedicated to precisely selected recipients. Customers appreciate its flexible approach as response to custormers’ expectations and continuous development in pursuit of the highest quality, which is reflected in numerous distinctions and awards granted to individual lines and products.

PUPIL Foods offers three product lines:

  • PUPIL Prime Quality line has undergone a refresh this year and has gained a new, refreshed look and improved composition. The premiere of Prime's new image is scheduled for autumn; the line includes excellent wet food for dogs and cats; many convenient weights and excellent classic flavors pets love. The range also offers a complete dry food for dogs and cats series, with excellent digestibility. Excellent meal option available.  
  • Natural – a novelty in the offer, a response to pro-ecological changes on the market. Excellent wet food for dogs and cats in a delicate and nutritious meat form (meat in shredded pieces) and crispy dry food for dogs and cats marketed in ecological, recyclable packaging. Natural series was composed not only with pets in mind, but also with the future of our planet in mind.
  • TEO - the oldest PUPIL Foods brand, which enjoys an established position on both the Polish and foreign pet food markets.  TEO offers traditional recipes, excellent taste and is easily digestible. The TEO brand has won many prestigious awards over the years. In 2022 TEO also has evolved to a new, modern version. Preservatives-free and artificial additives-free, excellent, timeless recipes and the best raw materials from Polish farms and crops make TEO food very popular among pets. 

Private Label Expo - Future Private Labels - 15 and 16 November at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre.

There is still space for other event participants 


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15 and 16 November 2023 sees the Congress of Expansive Exporters and the Private Brands Forum held simultaneously with the Private Label Expo in the Congress Center. More info can be found on


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