Podczas Targów Marek Własnych w Kielcach przedstawiciele sieci handlowych będą szukać produktów do wprowadzenia na sklepowe półki.

Strong retail chains look for products to put on the shop shelves - Kielce Private Label Expo is the answer

23 october 2023
Representatives of the Polish retail chains - Lewiatan, Stokrotka, Chorten, Polish Purchase Grou Kupiec, as well as Scamark Polska which purchases products to be sold under E.Leclerc private label will take a closer look at the producers' offer showcased on 15 and 16 November at Targi Kielce

Representatives of the Lulu International Group - a business conglomerate from the United Arab Emirates, which comprises popular hypermarkets and shopping centres have also registered for the Merchant Zone of Poland’s only event entirely devoted to provate labels. The Private Label Expo welcomes the franchise expperts representing chain of grocery supermarkets - Intermarché operating as part of the Muszkieter Group - the most prominent European association of independent entrepreneurs.  

The event is held on 15&16 November 2023 at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre. Spiżarnia experts are also here to look for unique products.  For over 18 years, this company has provided Poles living abroad with products that they know and remember from the times they lived in Poland. The company transports food to Western European countries, mainly to Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Austria and Germany. The buyers list also includes specialists from the Austrian fuel company - Amic Energy, as well as entrepreneurs from Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal. 

The Polish Retail Group, API Market, Droplo, Trade Trans, Mango from the United Kingdom also announced their participation in the Private Label Expo. Daymon and NewCold, and BIYTC from Finland.  Cooperation with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Polish Organisation of Commerce and Distribution POHID results in a growing interest in the expo and declarations of participation.


Exhibition of Private Label Producers - Future Private Labels  brings together Polish and international milieus  

The retail chains’ representatives will learn about the private label offers - Polish, German, American, Albanian, Lithuanian, Slovak and Estonian companies jin the expo.  These are highly valued market entities. The variety of products they present is impressive. These include producers of pasta and cereals - also organic, dried fruit, mineral water and drinks - also with detoxifying properties, baby food, canned goods and dairy products, and even sweets and... edible snails. A plethora of cosmetics and car accessories, pet food, as well as hygiene products for children, plastic products for children and household appliances, packaging and labelling materials, are also presented.


There is still space to accommodate more participants of the Private Label Expo, which will be held on 15 and 16 November at Targi Kielce. 


Join us as the exhibitors

At the same time, the Congress of Expansive Exporters, the Private Brands Forum, the Round Table of the Meat Industry and Modern Trade and the Taste of Quality Competition are held. More info can be found on







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The value of the sales basket of FMCG products in Poland in September this year - PLN 271 billion. The lion's share, i.e. almost 73%, are food products. Data quoted by Retail Services NielsenIQ expert Przemysław Korotus shows that the share of private labels amounted to nearly PLN 53 billion, over 20% of the value of the entire basket
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Pamas Salami won in the Taste of Innovation category, Łuków Meet Processor took first place in the Taste of Convenience category. The Taste of Nature category's number title goes to Mielczarek Meet Processor, and Aleksandria won in the Premium Taste category. The competition and gala ceremony were held during the Private Label Expo on 15 November
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Cooperation - mutual assistance, organisation of business missions and economic conferences - these are the pillars of the letter of intent signed on Wednesday, 15 November by representatives of Targi Kielce, the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Sino-Polish Chamber of Commerce
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Private Label Expo at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre - the commencement. Wednesday, 15 November and Thursday, 16 November - companies, producers and representatives of retail chains from Poland, Europe and the Middle East present their offers here
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Future Private Labels Expo at Targi Kielce - a unique place where retail chains meet manufacturers. The platform for building valuable contacts. The November event participants (15 and 16 Nov.) welcome enterprises the largest state-owned food producer in Poland.