Najnowsza seria S Valtry podczas Agrotechu będzie miała polską premierę.

The 2024 Kielce Agrotech. Valtra will present its comprehensive range of tractors, including the S series!

24 february 2024
"The Boss" will undoubtedly stand out at the Valtra offer presented at the expo stand ot the agricultural Kielce expo. 8 to 10 March, the F expo hall of Targi Kielce is the showcase for the Finnish company. Tractors with power ranging from 105 to 420 HP, i.e. the G, N, T, Q series and the premiere S series on show. Moreover, visitors can try and check the capabilities of the SmartTouch armrest and get to know the cabin simulator.

This year's Agrotech is unique for the Valtra brand, because for the first time in Poland the company will present the new, sixth generation of S series tractors. Significant investments in the main Valtra factory in Suolahti have made it possible to offer new products in Finland. The new era of the S series means not only a change in the production facility location but also a completely new design. However, like other Valtra tractor series, the S series will also be available with the full range of capabilities offered by the Unlimited studio.

Agrotech exhibition is when Valtra demonstrate tractors with power from 105 to 420 HP, i.e. G, N, TQ  series  and the  S series These models will be equipped by the studio Unlimited.  Solutions for intelligent agriculture also on show. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the SmartTouch armrest and the cabin simulator equipped with the Evolution seat,  should you have any questions or inquiries, Valtra specialist are ready to take all questions.    

The newest S series has been named "The Boss",   with an output of 280-420 HP, the S Series is Valtra's largest and most powerful tractor, offering high torque at low engine speeds. AGCO Power engine with a capacity of 8.4 litres and CVT transmission enhanced with  a new design, improved access, a new spacious cab, an increased number of lights (all made with LED technology) and greater versatility for all tasks are just a few of the new features in the sixth generation of tractors in this series. The factory-installed TwinTrac reverse drive system and SmartTouch user interface have always been popular features with S Series tractor drivers. The new generation introduces a number of improvements, including front axle and cab suspension options.  S Series tractors can now be equipped with the Valtra Skyview cab and Valtra Unlimited personalization. S Series is an industry first to be equipped with an integrated lighting module, including LED low and high beam, LED daytime running lights and short-range front LED work lights. This ensures exceptionally high illumination levels and gives the sixth generation S Series its distinctive appearance;  a total of 16 work lamps available, all with LED technology. Fans of Valtra's fifth generation N, T and Q Series cabs will appreciate the familiar and ergonomic S Series cab, which is accessed with the use of gentler steps than the previous version. 

Agrotech visitors will also see G series with a power range of 105-135 HP;  represented by agile, versatile, compact tractors (maximum height 2.8 m, weight 5 tons). Perfect choice for operating a front loader. They are equipped with the revolutionary six-speed Powershift transmission for excellent speed selection and fuel-saving Valtra automatics, including features such as automatic shifting based on speed AUTO1, Hill Hold and engine braking.  The G series is also the smallest Valtra models with a suspended front axle and the possibility of precision farming, used, for example, in spreaders and sprayers.


The Kielce expo is the display for  N series  tractors with a power of 135-201 HP,  equipped with a 4-cylinder engine - the successor to the legendary SISU drive units. They meet the Stage V emission standard with a capacity of 4.9 liters, which provides reliable power. They have Start Boost and Superstart functions, making starting under heavy load easier,  the functions can be easily adjusted from the large, easy-to-read display on the A-pillar. This ergonomically placed screen comes standard on all models. The screen displays required tractor information, allows you to control key settings and helps you monitor machine performance. All settings can be easily controlled using a knob (rotary ring) and two buttons on the steering wheel.  The model on show will be equipped with a front loader.


T series  includes tractors with a power of 155-271 HP, 6-cylinder machines whose key features are comfort, ergonomics and ease of use. Like the N series, they are equipped with a display on the A-pillar. The six-cylinder AGCO Power engine with high torque at low engine speeds ensures durability, efficiency and power thanks thus you can cope with any task. Stage V engines feature hydraulic valve clearance adjustment and a 600-hour service interval, which translates into lower service costs and longer service life,  and even more - T Series tractors is where the operator can enjoy exceptional comfort thanks to the large, comfortable cab with excellent visibility, excellent suspension and the award-winning SmartTouch user interface. The tractor presented can also work in the forest, as it is equipped with the TwinTrac reverse driving system and Nokian tires.


Q series and has a power of 230 to 305 HP and is placed between the T and S series. The Q series is an easy-to-use machine equipped with intelligent functions designed for professional users.  The reliable 7.4 litter AGCO Power engine offers the largest displacement on the market in tractors of this size, ensuring reliability and fuel efficiency. Maximum power available from a very low engine speed of 1,850 rpm, with peak torque between 1,000 and 1,500 rpm.  The long stroke engine easily generates the high power and torque that is available in the Q Series. Valtra's EcoPower principle has been applied to the entire Q Series range, further reducing fuel consumption.   Maximum driving speed is achieved with only 1500 rpm. The Q Series is equipped with AGCO CVT transmission that is easy to operate - this is one of the industry's leading transmissions. To keep fuel consumption at its lowest, the Q Series electronic transmission management system automatically selects the lowest possible engine rpm for the job, and distributes power to the hydraulics, PTO and transmission accordingly.


Smart agriculture solutions presented and explained  - the portfolio includes

  • SmartTurn function,  with Auto U-Pilot headland automation and Valtra Guide automatic tractor guidance, complementing the automation of field work by performing independent tractor maneuvers on the headland.
  •  Smart Touch  armrest operation with an additional SmartTouch Extend screen.
  • Valtra experts will explain how automatic guidance works  - the Valtra Guide, section control and variable dosing are presented.
  • The advantages of using  Valtra Connect will be presented - you record and monitor the operation of your tractor fleet.


We look forward to your presence at the Targi Targi Kielce’s Agrotech held from 8 and 10 March 2024 in Targi Kielce

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