Nagrody AGROTECH i LAS-EXPO rozdane.

See the complete list of awarded companies - the Agrotech and Las-Expo 2024 expo competitions!

08 march 2024
The awards and distinction ceremony at the 29th International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH and 23rd Timber Industry & Forest Resources Management Fair LAS-EXPO recognised products, exo stands. The results of the competitions and plebiscites accompanying the trade fair were announced

The gala was officially opened by the President of the Management Board of Targi Kielce, Andrzej Mochoń PhD., and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Adam Nowak.

The following products received distinctions at the Agrotech 2024 trade fair:

  • STEYR PLUS tractor manufactured by CNH INDUSTRIAL Italia, registered for the competition by CNH Industrial Polska from Płock for design solutions improving the quality and safety of the operator.
  • Fendt ErgoSteer control joystick manufactured by AGCO Germany, registered for the competition by AGCO from Paczków for solutions facilitating operator maneuvers, precise steering and time saving.
  • Universal dispenser for applying loose materials and fertilisers manufactured by RAPITRONICS & ALIEN SYSTEM registered for the competition by Rapitronics Radosław Pietrzkowski from Mąkoszyn for design solutions improving the precision of seed dosing.
  • MICROSEED ENERGY special-purpose foliar fertiliser produced by CALDENA Trępnowy, registered for the competition by AMPOL-MEROL from Wąbrzeźno for its innovative composition and universality of use.
  • BTW 135 Disc harrow for vineyards, 135 cm wide, manufactured and registered for the competition by PPHU ROL/EX Robert Dziuba from Przedbórz for design solutions facilitating work in difficult conditions in orchards and vineyards.
  • ŻYWA KREDA H+ produced and registered for the competition by FHP MKG PROMYK Honorata Soboń from Sulmierzyce for universal use and improvement of soil structure.

Gold Medals of the AGROTECH are bestowed to:

  • TRIMBLE Agriculture 4.0 System developed by TRIMBLE Co/AGRICULTURE USA, registered for the competition by Vantage Polska from Gdynia for the innovativeness of the solution, compatibility and ease of use,
  • A combination of SIP DISC HD 1000 D Fs rear mowers produced by SIP Strojna Slovenia registered for the competition by SIP Dystrybucja PL from Komorów for an innovative drive system ensuring high efficiency and easy operation.
  • POLISULMAG multi-component fertiliser produced and registered for the competition by GOUDENKORREL SA from Kaliska - a natural product with a minimum content of toxic chlorides, high solubility, produced with the use of G2D technology.
  • HARDI ALPHA TITANIUM self-propelled sprayer manufactured by HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S Denmark, registered for the competition by HARDI POLSKA from Kutno for design solutions that reduce weight, increase ground clearance, improve spraying precision and save on chemical consumption.
  • INSPIRO maise bred and registered for the competition by SAATBAU Polska from Środa Śląska for resistance to cold and drought and high dry matter yield.
  • CASE IH VESTRUM 120 ACTIVE DRIVE 8 tractor manufactured by CNH Industrial Austria, registered for the competition by CNH INDUSTRIAL Polska from Płock for design solutions affecting high efficiency, improved comfort, safety and ergonomics of the operator's work.
  • MAŁOPOLSKA cover crop mixture bred and registered for the competition by Małopolska Hodowla Roślin from Kraków - recognised for increasing biodiversity, high quality feed and improving the quality and structure of the soil.
  • GENACKTIS biostimulating fertiliser produced by TIMAC AGRO SAS France, registered for the competition by Timac Agro Polska from Wysogotowo for improving the accumulation of nutrients in plants.

The Cup of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Czesław Siekierski, was awarded to Skavska Hale from Wieruszów,  a dynamically developing Polish company which produces a wide range of universal, modern halls for agriculture and other industries

The competition Jury Panel was chaired by Tomasz Guz - Forest District Officer of the Daleszyce Forest District, awarded distinctions and prizes from the LAS-EXPO;

A distinction at the LAS-EXPO went to EKOPIL 68 BIO OIL - a biodegradable oil for lubricating guides and chains of mechanical saws produced by the EKOMAX company from Gliwice.

LAS EXPO 2024 medals were presented to the following products:

  • SCANIA S770 truck manufactured by SCANIA S770 & JANUSZKA PREMIUM GOLD JANUSZKA bodyork.
  • Pneumatic saw spraying system CZ-1/WZM manufactured by W-IREX PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO PRYWATNE WIESŁAW CIURA.

TOP DESIGN AWARDS for an attractive and modern expo stand arrangement were presented to

  1. Yara Poland.
  5. Agro-Masz Agriculture.
  6. Kramp company.
  7. Wanicki Service.
  8. WACKER Neuson.
  9. Timac Agro Polska.
  • Górplast Folie.
  • Tama Polska.

TOP DESIGN AWARDS for elegance and comprehensive exhibition presentation style were bestowed to

  2. Mandam Company.
  4. Massey Ferguson.


The Agricultural Technology Fair Gala Awarding Ceremony is an excellent opportunity to appreciate people and institutions that have been cooperating with the Agrotech and Las-Expo for years. Especially when these institutions celebrate their great anniversaries.

The MERLO company, celebrating its 60th anniversary, the Wodziński, Samasz and Agrola companies, celebrating their 40th anniversary, the Alima Bis and Maserplast companies with their 35th anniversary, the Hardi Polska company with its 20th anniversary and the SWIMER company, which celebrates this year 15th anniversary. The media partner - the Top Agrar Polska, Polskie Wydawnictwo Rolnicze, also celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The Agricultural Technology Fair in Kielce AGROTECH features a long tradition - the "KRUS Safety Seal"; the expo awards marked as  "The product which enhances farms work-safety". This recognition goes to agricultural production machines and equipment which offer above-average level of work safety. The winners received diplomas and DOBROSŁAW statuettes, symbolising the protection of farmers' health and life. The distinctions were presented by the President of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, Doctor Aleksandra Hadzik, and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Adam Nowak.

Three distinctions  “The product which enhances farms work-safety’ have been presented to:

  • PRONAR T046H animal transport trailer manufactured by PRONAR from Narew.
  • KINGSPAN TankMaster® tank for transporting and storing liquid fertilisers, water and AdBlue®/NOXy®.
  • T801, T801/1, T811 and T811/1 sweepers, manufactured by the Employee Machine Centre in Augustów.

Vice-President of the Main Board of the Scientific and Technical Association of Agricultural Engineers and Technicians, Doctor . Andrzej Seliga President represented the Main Board of the Scientific and Technical Association of Agricultural Engineers and Technicians President Mrs Magdalena Borowiec-Wieczorek. NOT awarded AGROIMPULS statuettes to the team of constructors and the manufacturer for their innovative technical solutions and solution implementation.

A team of scientists from the  Hugo Kołłątaj University of Agriculture in Krakow supervised by Doctor Engineer Maciej Gliniak, prof. University of Agriculture were awarded

. The team comprises

  • Engineer PhD.  Jan Giełżecki,
  • Engineer Sc..  Janusz Tabor,
  • Engineer PhD.  Dariusz Baran,
  • Engineer Sc..  Arkadiusz Bieszczed,
  • Engineer Sc..  Beata Chudy,
  • Krzysztof Górka

The team was awarded for developing DesiGate, a device for disinfecting everyday items, tools, luggage, vegetables, fruit, etc.

Another award went to the manufacturer - KNC-Automation for the implementation and production of DesiGate - a device for disinfection of objects, fruit and vegetables. The company was founded by graduates of the Faculty of Production Engineering and Energy of URK  and specialises in developing and implementing propritary solutions for industrial automation and integration of control systems. Since the beginning the firm has been developing its products dedicated to the plastics processing and concrete production industries.

The gala also witnessed the presentation of the Cup of the President of the National Council of Agricultural Chambers;  it was presented by the President of the Council, Mr. Wiktor Szmulewicz.  The Management Board of the National Council of Chambers of Agriculture resolved to award the Cup to Mr. Wojciech Błaszczak - President of Plant Breeding Strzelce Grupa IHAR - for creating progress in agriculture and promoting modern breeding methods.

Mr. Mirosław Fucia - President of the Management Board of the Świętokrzyskie Chamber of Agriculture, on behalf of the Świętokrzyskie Chamber of Agriculture, presented a commemorative engraving to the Michalak Agricultural Machines company for its participation in the creation of reliable, high-quality machines and specialised technological lines, in particular for the PMO-50 automatic palletiser with wrapper based on an industrial robot.

Immense congratulations to all the awarded companies.

Agrotech and Las-Expo continue until Sunday, 10 March.


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