Registration for Agrotech 2024 exhibitors – time to book your expo stand!

13 september 2023
450 companies from 15 countries presented their offers in 10 expo halls during the last agricultural technology fair Agrotech. The organisers are already working on the 2024 expo held from 8 to 10 March. Entrepreneurs can therefore book their expo stands. The presence at Targi Kielce is supported by the number of visitors - nearly 70,000 from various parts of the country

- We are surprised how many people have joined and how many people come to our expo stand, and most importantly, they are well-selected customers. We will definitely join the Agrotech epxo in Kielce in March 2024 and we will prepare something new - said Robert Bartnik, owner of LandStal, at the last edition. These talk-shop meetings are the most valuable for producers and distributors. – We hope that many of these meetings will also bear fruit after the expo – noted Piotr Dziamski from Claas Polska.

Every expo stand attracted interest. The most modern tractors, combine harvesters and machines, through farm equipment and agriculture 4.0 solutions, to fertilisers, plant protection products, seed and feed were a magnet.

Many entrepreneurs pointed out that the Internet has changed a lot in the expos' role -  farmers do a survey regarding devices and machines online. Then they come to the exhibition to revise their decisions, take a closer look at the models, and talk about their expectations. - They pay significant attention to the latest technologies that have not yet been presented.  What attracts people are new products and premieres - said Rafał Kępa from New Holland.

- Farmers' needs are very great, especially in precision farming and no-plough farming systems.  During the expo, we talk to the farmers about the solutions their work requires. We meet many regular and new customers - explained Piotr Stanek from Unia.  


Numerous exhibitors emphasised the significant role of Agrotech in the development of the agricultural industry. - This is Poland's largest indoor exhibition of agricultural techniques and technologies  One of the two most important agricultural expos for this industry in the country. - This is a must-attend event said Rafał Kępa.   


Therefore it is high time to book your stand now and join the 29th. International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH is held from 8 to 10 March 2024 in Targi Kielce.  The Exhibitor Panel -,  fo to the FOR EXHIBITORS tab.