Po raz pierwszy na targach Agrotech będą ciągniki marki Ferrari.

Agrotech 2024. The Indian TAFE and the Italian Ferrari join the agricultural expo for the first time

04 march 2024
HYDRO-MASZ will present several new products at Targi Kielce - the expo commences on Friday, 8 March and continues until Sunday, 10 March. The expo stand will feature Ferrari, TAFE, IRUM tractors, and domestic machines - an orchard sprayer and a trailer for small tractors

The Indian TAFE is tractor producer; the expo showcases two models  - 6028 with a power of 24.4 HP and 7515 with a power of 74 HP. The range of the Italian brand Ferrari will include models of articulated tractors. One of the tractors is only 77 cm wide - the Ferrari Cromo 35 AR Junior Micro. The other - the Ferrari Cobram 60 Micro comes in 95 cm width. The expo stand will also feature tractors of the Romanian IRUM - the 102-horsepower TAGRO 102 tractor.

The new production products range from HYDRO-MASZ includes an orchard sprayer with a capacity of 600 litres and a trailer for small tractors.


These and many machines on display at the Agrotech expo from 8 to 10 March in Targi Kielce.

Tickets available at targikielce.pl/agrotech

All information for visitors: Tickets for Agrotech 2024 are now available.  Buy and don't wait in line at the checkout! [opening hours, map]



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