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21th International Fair Of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH
Date of next exhibition: 27-29 March 2015 

Poland's most important business sector event attracted as many as 58,500 visitors. This is the all-time record! Almost 60 thousand square metres were used as the exhibition showcase.

AGROTECH Like every previous year the expo has generated an avid interest. The exhibition stands were the showcase for hundreds of machines and appliances, including the large-size one as well as the winner of Tractor of the Year 2014 contest!

The 20th International Fair Of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH was the showcase for 600 exhibitors from England, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Ireland, South Korea, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia Slovenia, Turkey, Italy and Poland - they put on display cutting-edge equipment no present-day farm stead can go without.

During the three exhibition days over 58 thousand visitors became familiar with products and services on display; they were also able to make use of professional advisory services provided by the business sector's most important institutions. Beyond any doubts, AGROTECH is Poland's largest agricultural trade show staged in exhibition halls in addition to the fact that this is also the largest business-sector expo in Targi Kielce's history.

AGROTECH The exhibition was formally launched by Zofia Szalczyk, Under-secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development On the first day of the expo Stanisław Kalemba - the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development made a tour over the trade show and presented the Minister's Cup to AGRALEX in recognition of the company's overall achievements. The AGROTECH exhibition has been accompanied with numerous important events of nationwide nature. These include the award ceremony of the Cup of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as the prestigious Agricultural Machine of the Year statuette and the finals of the Young Farmers' Olympics in addition to a whole array of specialised conferences. The expo event also encompassed the meeting organised by MRiRW: "Renewable energy sources' development and utilisation in agriculture and rural areas". The exhibition stands were also visited by guests of honour, the Mongolia Minister of Agriculture, et. al. The Polish Chamber of Natural Technologies and Products has also commenced its business operation at the Expo.
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