Nagrody MSPO rozdane!

The jubilee, the 30th International Defence Industry Exhibition in Targi Kielce culminates with the gala awarding ceremony

09 september 2022
One of the last highlights of the International Defence Industry Exhibition was the presentation ceremony of the DEFENDER awards - the distinction is awarded every year by the Kielce defence trade show’s Programme Board and the Jury Panel. During the gala, other accolades were bestowed, including the Special Award of the Minister of Development and Technology, the Award of the President of Targi Kielce and awards for the arrangement of the expo stand.

Traditionally, the last day of the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO witnessed the awarding ceremony - the President of the Republic of Poland Award, special distinctions of the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of National Defence, as well as of the Program Council, as well as Defender awards and distinctions.

The Defender Awards ceremony commenced with the President of the Board of Targi Kielce, Doctor Andrzej Mochoń’s address and recapitulation this year's jubilee edition of the Defence Expo. The President emphasized:

Even before the start of this year's Defence Industry Exhibition, I was convinced that it would be a record-breaking event. The show has proven my expectations - 613 companies from 33 countries, several dozen foreign delegations. It is not the records that are the most important. The people who create this exhibition are the most important. The expectations and hopes come true here in Kielce.  Over 19,000 visitors witnessed the impressive exhibition, which featured cutting-edge solutions for the army, both equipment and systems worth seeing. The four days have been packed with presentations, talks, essential visits and decisions.

This year's Defence Industry Exhibition is unique for many reasons. The 30th anniversary of the exhibition was held when there is ongoing war beyond the eastern border. The high attendance and intense media interest shows how important the Targi Kielce Defence Industry Fair is  for the Polish industry and all exhibitors. The Defence Industry Exhibition in its 30th unveiling, was record-breaking in every respect - said Sebastian Chwałek, President of the Management Board of Polish Armaments Group, when addressing the audience.

- The jubilee Exhibition and several intense days are behind us. They were packed with meetings, and offered the opportunity to learn about the latest defence industry solutions. I already congratulate award-winners and those granted with the badges of honour. Regards to those who will leave Kielce with a sense of satisfaction concluded contracts and agreements, and the belief that MSPO is still the most important place of this type in Central and Eastern Europe. This year's exhibition offered many uplifting words from the highest authorities of the Polish state. We were all able to see how the exhibition itself, as well as Targi Kielce, have changed - emphasized the Mayor of the City of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta.

The presentation ceremony of the President of Poland’s Award for the best product which serves the purpose of the RP Armed Forces soldiers’ safety enhancement:  - PIT-RADWAR SA (leader) from Warsaw; AM TECHNOLOGIES LLC from Warsaw; Warsaw University of Technology in Warsaw for the passive location system

The Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister’s of National Defence's Distinction to:    Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. from Gdańsk - the consortium leader, Research and Development Centre for Maritime Technology in Gdynia; Naval Shipyard S.A. from Gdynia for the  modern minehunter, 258-ORP Albatros project

During the gala, a special award from the Program Council was also presented, the  Jarosław Dąbrowski Military University of Technology from Warsaw wint the distincion for BotTROP - a bot detection system in a computer network

The DEFENDER awards has been bestowed to:

- AMZ-KUTNO SA (leader) from Kutno; MILITARY COMMUNICATION INSTITUTE  J. Groszkowski- NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE from Zegrze Poludniowe; Military Institute of Armament Technology from Zielonka; MILITARY INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY AND RADIOMETRY from Warsaw for LOTR-Light armoured reconnaissance carrier

- TARNÓW SA Mechanical Works (leader) from Tarnów; Military University of Technology of Jarosław Dąbrowski from Warsaw; STEKOP SA from Warsaw for the PERUN – Autonomous wheeled platform with armament module for reconnaissance and combat tasks

- PCO SA from Warsaw for the GOS-1 optoelectronic head

- Jelcz LLC, Jelcz-Laskowice, for the wheeled set for the transport of tanks and heavy tracked equipment with a capacity of over 63 tons, codenamed JAK

- LUBAWA SA (leader) from Ostrów Wielkopolski; MORATEX Institute of Security Technologies from Łódź; MindMade LLC from Warsaw for the new generation EOD ONE explosion-proof and shrapnel-proof protective suit

- Cleamix Oy, Finland for Cleamix VCS-SERIES

- Air Force Institute of Technology (leader) from Warsaw; Military Institute of Armament Technology from Zielonka; Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Aviation from Warsaw; MSP INNTECH LLC from Warsaw for the JET-2 LM manoeuvring jet aircraft with a tactical warhead

Protective Equipment Enterprise MASKPOL SA, Konieczki, for the ROCK ONE bulletproof vest

- MINDMADE LLC | WB GROUP for PIK-MC - the safe, integrated system of dispatch communication and crisis management

- UMO LLC from Zielonka for the AXON NETWORK TASER 7 system + AXON BODY 3 camera

The General Commander of Branches of Armed Forces’ Main Award and Distinction for the winner of “The Best Presentation – the Best Expo Stand” Competition went to the Branches of Armed Forces’ Inspectorate

The awarding ceremony in addition to the Award of President of the Republic of Poland, Special Mentions of the  Minister of National Defence, included the Awards  Awards of the Operational Commander of the Branches of Armed Forces, Distinctions of the Commander of Territorial Defence Forces, Awards and Distinctions of the Head of the Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces, the Special Distinction of the Programme Board and Awards of the President of Targi Kielce Management Board

The complete list of winners is here.


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