Panel dyskusyjny o krajowym planie strategicznym podczas TSW.

Green changes in gardening discussed at TSW Expo

19 january 2023
The second day of the Targi Kielce held Fruit and Vegetable Farming Expo there was a discussion panel on opportunities for Polish fruit growers offered by national and EU programs and the threats in daily work

The discussion panel: "The National Strategic Plan for 2023-2027 - help or obstacle in green changes in horticulture?" featured Dr. Mirosław Korzeniowski from the AGROEKOTON Association, MP Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, MP Mirosław Maliszewski, President of the Polish Fruit Growers Association, Member of the Polish Parliament and Dr. Jerzy Plewa, Expert of TEAM EUROPE, former   Director  General of the EC, DG AGRI.

MP Mirosław Maliszewski began his speech by considering whether the European Green Deal is a threat or an opportunity to orchards business. He emphasized that Polish fruit-growing business should discontinie maximization focus, food colouring. The firmness of the product, and quality should be the main objective instead. In his opinion, the funds are ill-designed, and the National Strategic Plan is to provide the consumer with cheap and safe food.

Dr. Mirosław Korzeniowski from the AGROEKOTON Association also presented his opinion, according to which biologization is an ongoing process. The European Union strategis funds are intended for farmers to produce cheaper food for consumers. Grants have not included orchard production -

- 166 million per year is beyond vegetable growers’ reach. The programs include activities such as: the use of crop rotation, manure plow-in, animal welfare, i.e. over 90% of the money is unattainable for the Polish horticultural industry. The National Strategic Plan should be modified, emphasized Dr. Mirosław Korzeniowski,

Dr. Jerzy Plewa from Expert TEAM EUROPE saw a great opportunity in economic organization, promotion and care for the quality of products. MP Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski explained that the horticultural industry should face challenges and eliminate threats.


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