ATAGOR exhibits at the Gas Expo

06 february 2023
ATAGOR LLC has been on the Polish and European markets for over 17 years, offering customers innovative, proven and reliable technologies used in gas, petrochemical industries, power engineering and the electrical sector. The upcoming EXPO-GAS Gas Engineering Fair - come and visit us. Come over to the ATAGOR expo stand

The exhibitor of the  EXPO-GAS Gas Engineering Fair, - ATAGOR has initiiated the use of many new technologies in the gas and power industry in Poland. The firm was the first to implement solutions that became the current standard and significantly improved the quality and operational safety on key installations: Inover Casing Filler technology protecting pipelines in surrounding pipes, viscoelastic coatings with extraordinary insulating properties, the standard of repairs and reinforcement for pipelines using composite materials, the first automated method securing contacts for drilling with PUPP technology. The company's goal is to provide customers with benefits i.e. the best, most reliable and economical technologies for anti-corrosion and mechanical protection of pipelines. ATAGOR is also a manufacturer of advanced composite pipe systems used in the power industry and other business sectors, as well as a proven manufacturer and supplier of specialist tapes for industrial applications.

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