INTERLAB presents its offer at the gas technologies expo

02 march 2023
INTERLAB is one of the exhibitors at the EXPO-GAS Gas Engineering Fair 2023. The expo is held on 19 and 20 April in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre

Since 1987, the company has offered fibre optic technology, including fibre optic sensors. The form is a Polish market pioneer and a representative of many leading manufacturers from Japan and the USA, including LUNA Technologies, Lios, Optasense, Yokogawa, Fitel, AFL, AEM.

INTERLAB-ODISI-FiberSensing.jpg [198.21 KB]

The INTERLAB offer includes both telecommunications solutions, such as fibre optic fusion splicers, reflectometers, LAN analysers, and solutions dedicated to various industries.

The company offers solutions based on fibre optic sensors, including continuous sensors - these are targeted at for the chemical industry. With the use of modern measurement methods, it is possible to detect leaks along pipelines, control chemical processes, monitor tanks and buildings' construction, secure objects against intrusion by unauthorised persons and many others. All this is based on "standard" optical fibres;  fibre optic technology allows the use of passive solutions, without the need to install power cables. Installation in explosion hazard zones without the use of separators is also possible.

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