Ukrainian tycoon at the EXPO-GAS

18 april 2023
The Ukrainian company, which restored gas supplies to 510,000 families in liberated cities in record time, is ready to join the Polish gasification program

"Poland is implementing one of the largest investment programs in gas infrastructure in Europe. The implementation of this ambitious plan will allow Poland to accelerate economic growth, create new businesses and jobs, and become a player in export markets where it has previously failed to compete. Efficiency and economical use of investment funds are decisive factors in this project. We are ready to share on our experience gained e.g. during the war year. We are rebuilding the infrastructure at a record pace, despite staff shortages, broken logistic chains and limited financial resources," said Oleksii Tiutyiunny, RGC CEO, the largest Ukrainian company represented at the EXPO-GAS fair.

The RGC CEO noted that natural gas is twice as environmentally friendly as oil and coal, and its continued availability via pipelines makes it a reliable, cost-effective and convenient fuel. Studies of the European countries’ economies have shown a close relationship between the expansion of the gas pipeline system and the growth of exports and accelerated economic growth. The increased use of gas as an energy source by Polish enterprises will make their products more competitive, and the use of gas as a raw material will enable the rapid development of new industries.

"Rapid economic reforms became the basis of the "Polish economic miracle",  Poland’s economy is the only European economy that has shown continuous growth over the last 30 years. The energy reform can be an impulse for economic growth, and the RGC is ready to contribute to the development of Poland," said Oleksiy Tyutiunnyk

the manager of RGC. He also added that the rapid reconstruction of the destroyed gas pipelines in Ukraine turned out to be possible thanks to several of the Company's know-how. Specialized mobile laboratories allow remote verification of the integrity of gas pipelines 4 times faster than using traditional means - checking the networks surrounding Kharkiv (in terms of area is slightly larger than Krakow) took only 10 days even under constant shelling. Faults in distribution networks are discovered remotely using 70,000 sensors located on all networks operated by RGC. Engineering calculations were quickly carried out by specialists of RGC Engineering. The lack of specialists problem was solved by the company by mobilizing employees from other regional offices and quick delivery the necessary components from previously accumulated stock. This workflow allowed RGC to restore gas supplies in record time.

RGC brings together companies that provide a complete cycle of operation of gas installations: design and construction of gas distribution networks, connection of new facilities, gas transport, maintenance and repairs of gas networks. Gas and telemetry devices are manufactured in robotic production plants;  there are 20 gas distribution network operators under the RGC, serving 270,000 customers. km of gas pipelines and annually deliver 12 billion cubic meters of gas to 8 million households and 100,000. companies.  In the three pre-war years, RGC connected more than 210,000 homes to gas networks. construction projects.

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