Muzeum Diecezjalne w Kielcach już od lat organizuje podczas Sacroexpo szereg wystaw i ciekawych spotkań.

The Diocesan Museum joins the Sacroexpo! Many years support with numerous accompanying events and interesting exhibitions

31 may 2024
Fr Paweł Tkaczyk, Director of the Diocesan Museum in Kielce, had a a short conversation with us. Father recalls the many years of cooperation between the Museum and Sacroexpo with a smile. He emphasises the enormous importance of expo meetings and their invaluable impact on the promotion of culture and art.

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How long has the cooperation between the Diocesan Museum and Sacroexpo continued? How do you remember his first contact with Targi Kielce?

The cooperation between the Sacroexpo and the Diocesan Museum in Kielce has been going on for over 20 years. Established in a very natural way thanks to the common interest in religious art and its development and promotion. There is no doubt that such cooperation is possible thanks to the great professionalism of the Expo Director, Mr. Robert Frąk. I remember our joint trip to the Vatican in November 2004;  his professionalism was noticed in the then Pontifical Council for Culture. Cardinal Paul Poupard decided to award a unique and world-only "Per Artem ad Deum" award in the world during the Sacroexpo in Kielce. This unique distinction is proof of excellent and professional cooperation, which results in the development and implementation of new, very interesting projects serving the Church and all residents of our city and region.

During these many years, we, i.e. the Sacroexpo Exhibition, could count on great knowledge support and professionalism of the Diocesan Museum in the field of joint exhibitions. Do you remember how many exhibitions we have already organised together at Targi Kielce?

We have prepared so many exhibitions, but it's hard to even count them; they always involve a lot of effort. In the creative process, the idea for the exhibition theme was the most important. The theme often related to current events or anniversaries. This undoubtedly contributed to the great interest in exhibitions among visitors to the Sacroexpo. We understand that the expo is an economic event too, and it has its goals. In the case of Sacroexpo, jointly prepared exhibitions provide added value, emphasising the true dimension of religious and spiritual art, focusing on spiritual values.

Each of these exhibitions had a unique character. The works, artifacts aroused great interest among visitors. Where do you get the ideas? 

I remember a certain publication prepared by Targi Kielce, which emphasised the basic dimension of trade expos, defining them as the meeting space. Meetings in good company and good conversations are a source of good ideas for even better museum exhibitions;  what we have managed to achieve together over these many years is, in my opinion, a global phenomenon. I don't know of similar effects of cooperation  anywhere else in the world.

Exhibition were also "transferred" to the museum. This is a great initiative that allowed more people to engage with art. Which exhibition attracted the most visitors?

- Unfortunately, the Sacroexpo is only three days show. The event have their own dynamics this is why it is difficult to explore everything that is happening during this event in such a short time. There are many proposals, because there are museum exhibitions, meetings and conversations with exhibitors, numerous conferences... Considering all this and the great effort put into preparing the exhibition we concluded that it would be good to present it in our city for a little longer. The Diocesan Museum in Kielce opens its exhibition space and in this way is an extension of the Sacroexpo.

You keep constantly developing. In addition to educational activities through art, you have already held a numerous lectures and meetings with interesting people as part of the Faith Culture Science Academy. Is the second edition the proof that the project was successful? 

Education, education and even more education! Education is one of the most important tasks of the Diocesan Museum in Kielce. It is not enough to prepare and present even the best exhibition,  it is not enough to show extraordinary works of art. We also need to talk about them and reveal to visitors the secrets of iconography, history, artistic techniques, etc. This produces great results! Indeed, the activities of the Academy of Faith-Culture-Science contribute to raising the level of knowledge and boosting cultural development. What we are most pleased with is the extremely positive reception of this project and the great interest among the inhabitants of our region who participate in the lectures.

Since 2024, you have been "debating" many important issues in the courtroom -  please tell us a few words about the new project. 

- The "Courtroom" is a new version of the Faith-Culture-Science Academy with a different formula. The “Courtroom” is addressed to a different group of recipients. In the "courtroom" we meet young people and together we discuss issues that are important to them, which are related to their personal, social and religious lives. We talk to each other and deal with what is important in the lives of all people who feel young...

These are meetings aimed at young people. Are such meetings necessary in these difficult times, when many people need and often even quest for faith?

- The need for such meetings is evidenced by the interest of young people who demand that "Courtroom" meetings be held not once a month, but every two weeks...  This makes me happy and gives me hope...  If only we had the strength to face such serious challenges!

Thank you very much for the conversation and we invite you to visit the Sacroexpo, - 10 to 12 June at Targi Kielce! 25th Expo welcomes the Diocesan Museum which presents an exhibition created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the youth protest in defence of crosses at the Vocational School Complex in Włoszczowa.

Free admission, registration on the website required:


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