The Parafio application revolutionises the intention book management

10 june 2024
The faithful have already made over 50,000 mass intentions using the Parafio application. The innovative platform allows parishes to manage masses and collect donations in all-online mode. You will see more technological innovations for religious communities at Sacroexpo

The Parafio application was created in response to the modern parishes’ growing needs. The app offers modern solutions for managing parish activities, mass intentions and collecting donations - all at no additional costs for the parish.

– Thanks to our application, believers from all over the world can order mass or make a donation in the parish of their choice – says Krzysztof Sobczak, one of the creators of the application.  This app is an excellent solution that also facilitates the work of the clergy, who do not have to take the books of intentions with them, e.g. for home visits. Notably, the application was created so that its use does not generate any costs for the parish;  thus, the parish priest can focus his resources on pastoral and social activities without worrying about additional financial burdens.

Parafio offers extensive integration possibilities with other systems used by parishes, which enables even more comprehensive management of parish’s activities. The possibility of integration with accounting systems, liturgical calendars, and even social media opens up new opportunities for parishes who want to use modern technologies to manage their resources better and communicate with parishioners.

- Clergy ask how seniors deal with payments - over 40% of people over 70 now use cashless payments. – says Krzysztof Sobczak - We can confidently say that 65% of the faithful prefer quick bank transfers - he also adds.

The Parafio application is a response to the growing needs of modern parish administration and the challenge of maintaining the continuity of spiritual life in times when traditional methods of communication are becoming insufficient.  This exemplifies how technology can support the foundations of faith, adapting them to the requirements of the modern world.

Parafio and similar initiatives make it possible for the Church to manage its resources effectively and above all maintain a lively and dynamic relationship with the faithful, regardless of external circumstances. This shows that tradition and modernity can go hand in hand, bringing benefits on many levels of community life.


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