Sacroexpo z różnorodną ofertą dla zwiedzających.

Sacroexpo – a quarter-of-a-century service

07 june 2024
The exhibition has become even more impressive with its wide range of devotional items, liturgical accessories and church furnishings and the way it presents many artistic genres and activities. This year's expo hosts almost 200 exhibitors from 10 countries - they present a wide range of products and offer attractive expo discounts. Sacroexpo in its jubilee unveiling- 10 to 12 June 2024 at Targi Kielce.

Everything the church and the faithful need

Exhibitors from 10 countries have already declared their presence at this year's expo, including those from Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the United States, Hungary and Italy. In addition to the permanent offer of paintings, icons, sculptures and figurines, religious gadgets and souvenirs, the exhibition also showcases the latest technological solutions for printing images on the wall, confessionals with cushions, applications for ordering masses online, collection machines and interactive cemetery boards. The ICT and e-commerce solutions not only facilitate the everyday functioning of churches but also transform the way believers participate in religious life. These new options open up opportunities for parishes and believers. The expo permanent offer also includes head-to-toe garments, including: original footwear from Polish craftsmen, the highest quality liturgical vestments and shirts with the most fashionable patterns, as well as various headgear from renowned clothing manufacturers.

A rich and diversified accompanying events agenda

Numerous events will complement Sacroexpo;  this year, the Wesoła54 Pastoral Centre invites you to join the debate on "Catholicism of tomorrow. Lay people's discussion about the Polish Church", which will take place on the second day of the expo, 11 June. The meeting's objective is an open conversation about the role and importance of the Church in Poland in the era of external and internal changes. The panellist milieus include   Monika Białkowska, a theologian and journalist, Aneta Liberacka, the editor-in-chief of the Stacja7.pl portal and Stacja7 Publishing House, Paweł Milcarek, a historian and philosopher, and Zbigniew Nosowski, a theologian and sociologist. An exhibition with commemorative photographs is displayed at Targi Kielce's Sacroexpo; the display aims commemorate the 40th anniversary of the youth protest in defence of crosses at the Vocational School Complex in Włoszczów The exhibition will be created in cooperation with the Diocesan Museum in Kielce. The Good Book Zone offers the opportunity to become acquainted with the latest editions and books from the Expo's Media Partners - the most prominent Polish Catholic publishing houses. The agenda also includes meetings with authors, including Father Professor  Witold Kawecki, as well as anniversary competitions with prizes, such as the latest religious publications.

The richness of the Maronite liturgical traditions

For the first time Saroexpo includes an exhibition held under the banner of "The Light of the East in the Heart of Chaos", whose aim is to present the liturgical richness of the Eastern Catholic Church, especially the Maronite tradition. The exhibition will include original manuscripts and facsimiles of the Book of Psalms from the 17th century - the first books printed in the eastern part of the Ottoman Empire and now considered one of the greatest achievements in the history of liturgical book typography. The exhibition will also include Catholic liturgical books in Arabic and Syriac and over 40 Maronite iconographies illustrating the liturgical year cycle. The exhibition will also include various liturgical vestments by ebanese designer Maged Bou Tannous, which were used in the Maronite rite, both historical and contemporary. A unique silk cape, embroidered with gold and silk thread will attract particular attention  - the cape presents the scenes of the Resurrection, Annunciation, and Visitation complemented with figures of the twelve Apostles and Cherubim. A prayer space will be created in Targi Kielce, where the faithful will be able to honuor God and pray before the relics of Saint from Lebanon, for deeper spiritual reflection while visiting the exhibition.

Religious painting from Slovakia

This year's expo offers the first-time presentation of almost 100 works by 21 Slovak artists - the exhibition is organised in cooperation with the Artem gallery in Slovakia. The works provide a wealth of ideas, currents of opinion, and artistic perfection, united by respect for the Supreme,  they reflect the quest for the value of life, relate to history and spread goodness while maintaining the authenticity of artistic expression. Biblical themes are still explored in a modern artistic context, expressing faith, freedom, happiness, hope, goodness, and the beauty of nature.

Modern faces of religious art - the exhibition and auction

On the initiative of the Art Auction House  In House, the Kielce exhibition and congress centre will again host an Art Zone, presenting modern and original works on religious themes: paintings, sculptures and icons by Sylwia Perczak, Krzysztof Sokołowski, Aleksander Grzybek, Borys Fiodorowicz, Joanna Mieszko and Jan Dubrowin, to name a few. The Expo visitors can also meet and talk with some authors in person. The zone includes an important part - modern, abstract, often minimalist icons created by artists associated with the Nowica Association. The second day of the expo, i.e. 11 June will witness the Auction of all the presented works;  one can bid in person, by phone and online.

From Sacroexpo to a pilgrimage

Sacroexpo features a long-standing tradition; consecrated persons, i.e. nuns, monks and priests, who visit Sacroexpo are offered exciting competitions with attractive prizes. An exciting religious knowledge quiz will be an intellectual challenge as well as an opportunity to win attractive prizes;  each participant will have to answer 10 questions in the timed quizz. Join the competition and win one of the four awards: two for nuns and two for priests. The winners will go on a five-day pilgrimage to Rome, Naples, Pompeii. The organiser will provide flight, accommodation and travel insurance. The competition will take place for the three days of the expo at the Franciscans Tourist and Pilgrimage Office Patron Travel - expo stand E1. This year's Sacroexpo welcomes representatives of travel agencies such as: Biuro Pielgrzymkowo-Turystyczne Arcus, Frater, Destino Mexico, Novum Travel, Misja Travel, Matteo Travel, Orlando Travel and Biuro Podróży PL Travel will also talk about pilgrimage as a good form of travelT.

The 25th International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious SACROEXPO is held from 10 to 12 June 2024 in Targi Kielce.

Free admission, registration on the website required: https://www.targikielce.pl/en/sacroexpo/visitors-registration



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Podczas 25. Międzynarodowej Wystawa Budownictwa i Wyposażenia Kościołów, Sztuki Sakralnej i Dewocjonaliów, artysta i plastyk, urodzony w Białymstoku, podzielił się z gośćmi wydarzenia historią o początkach swojej twórczości. Podczas autorskiego opowiedział także o swoich dokonaniach artystycznych oraz o tym, jak wygląda jego warsztat, oraz skąd czerpie inspiracje
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The faithful have already made over 50,000 mass intentions using the Parafio application. The innovative platform allows parishes to manage masses and collect donations in all-online mode. You will see more technological innovations for religious communities at Sacroexpo
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The 25th anniversary Sacroexpo offers unique attractions and, among them art auctions, exhibitions abundance, meetings with authors and quizzes on religious knowledge. Visitors can admire a wide range of devotional items, liturgical accessories and church equipment, as well as various forms of art presentation; the expo admission - prior registration required, free