09 february 2023
The company boasts many years’ tradition in the gas industry; its offer is showcased at Targi Kielce in April

Radiatym started as Zakład Ślusarsko Mechaniczny in 1979, producing coal and gas boilers for central heating and tubular central heating radiators,  later, the company started the production of PE/STEEL transitions and insulating connectors in monoblocks targeted at the gas industry use. After documentation development process and receiving the Technical Approval from the Oil and Gas Institute in Krakow, Radiatym monoblocks were submitted to the Patent Office in Warsaw. The company received Patent Certificate No. 183453. In 2002, Radiatym obtained the Quality System Certificate according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 issued by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification in the scope of production of PE/steel connections and insulating monoblocks for gas, water and oil transmission and distribution networks.  The firm is UDT Gliwice licensed to manufacture pressure equipment components and Technical Approvals for the production of monoblocks and PE/steel connections.

Monoblok.png [1.52 MB]

RADIATYM produces:

-insulating monoblocks for transmission and distribution grids - liquid and gaseous media

execution range - DN15 to DN3000/ 50 MPa / 25kV

- line compensators KLR Type

execution range - DN1000 / 10MPa

- insulating IPK flange connections

execution range - DN1400 / 25MPa

- pressure tanks and filter separators

execution range - DN3000 / 50MPa

- quick-closing Transmitting and Receiving Sluices

execution range - DN1000 / 10MPa

-Pe/Steel connections for gas and water

execution range - DN1200/ 1MPa

-domestic gas connections

execution range - DN150/ 1MPa

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