Pokazy dynamiczne podczas targów IFRE-EXPO

Firefighters in action! Dynamic shows attracted crowds of spectators

15 june 2023
The spectacular live show prepared by the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Services was the commencement of the dynamic shows during the three days of the IFRE-EXPO. The expo showcases firefighters’ daily work, often assisted by helpful pets in various life-threatening situations.

The recovery of injured drivers from the cars in the accident shown as in a magnifying glass - you see how hard the work is. Firefighers play responsible role in the fight for the safety of human life. The staging prepared by KW PSP allowed the viewers to see a traffic accident involving a passenger car and a bus carrying propane-butane gas cylinders;  as a result, two drivers of the vehicles were injured. The accident involved a gas leak. 17 firefighters, rescuers and police officers took part on the incident scene, they carried out the rescue operation, freeing the victims and giving them first aid.

A similar action was also staged out by instructors from the FIRE-MAX company, which organises road rescue shows. Here, the spectators could also watch the enactment of firefighters’ work at a serious road accident scene.

A real attraction was the "Four Paws to the Rescue!" show   from TSO GRS from Nowy Sącz. A dog is man's best friend, there is no doubts about it The dog was first pulled up on a rope, then lowered from the ladder of a Rosenbauer vehicle and demonstrated its skills saving human lives.

Representatives of the INNPRO presented the operation of specialized DJI Enterprise drones. As they emphasised - this is irreplaceable support in the fire service. In expo hall G, at the expo stand of the CFBT Foundation, the film entitled "Burned: Protecting the Protectors” was screened. The Foundation showd a station for practicing firefighting streams use ("Hose Stream Prop") according to the UL FSRI design. This is one of just a few stations of this kind outside the USA,  Poland’s only one. The foundation's instructors have unique teaching competences when ot come to use of this station. Another device presented at the expo stand is the trailer used to teach intervention procedures with photovoltaic installations. An installation made of additional modules is added to the trailer,  the instructors present all their knowledge on rescue procedures with regards this type of installations. Practical knowledge is supported by numerous theoretical trainings (e.g. SEP installer and supervision licenses) and practical ones.

Another section of dynamic shows at the expo.


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