Product and service range

Product and service range of the fair:

1.      Local mass transport vehicles:

-          city and suburban transport buses,

-          trolleybuses, 

2.      coaches and touring buses,


3.      Special purpose and utility vehicles:

-          tug vehicles,

-          repair trucks,

-          technical support vehicles - other types.


4.      Bus components and equipment:

-          Sets and units - engines, gear boxes and transmissions, axes, axles, steering systems, breaking systems, electric circuits and systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, etc..

-          Equipment - seats, finishing materials, linings, plastics, insulation materials, etc..

-          Materials and consumables - windows, tyres, rubber components and  elements, batteries, etc.,

-          Accessories - handrails, hand grips, buttons, door handles, switches, wire harnesses, etc.,


5.      Technical back-up equipment:

-          car and fleet wash systems, cleaning liquids,

-          hoists, lifting jacks, inspection pit equipment,

-          instruments and appliances used for vehicle, sub-assembly and equipment maintenance,

-          appliances used for replacement  and replenishment of operating fluids in vehicle sub-assemblies and appliances, 

-          other machines, appliances and tools used for service and maintenance procedures. 


6.      Fuels, lubricants, consumable and operating fluids.

-          fuels,

-          oils and lubricants,

-          radiator fluids, brake fluids, wind-screen washers, etc.,


7.      Fare collection systems:

-          paper ticket production and distribution (paper, design, print, safety features),

-          electronic ticket systems, 

-          software for ticket distribution, recording, sales verification,

-          ticket verification services,

-          ticket distribution, ticket punching, validation and control systems,


8.      Bus-stop infrastructure:

-          bus-stop shelters and signposts, 

-          bus-stop appliances (benches, dust-bins, advertisement displays),

-          Bus-stop info systems:

-          other engineering solutions for bus-stops


9.      Health, safety and personal equipment:

-          transport services' uniforms,

-          protective and working clothes,

-          Health and Safety appliances, equipment, material, personal protective equipment,

-          innovative H&S solutions and projects.


10.  Transport information systems:

-          communication systems design, vehicle schedule and drivers' work roster planning,

-          integrated vehicle fleet management systems,

-          vehicle geo-location and identification systems,

-          support systems for city traffic management,

-          communication and data transfer systems,

-          passenger stream monitoring, examination and analyses,

-          projects designed for city traffic prioritisation and enhancement,

-          automatic systems for refuelling, fuel registration and clearance,

-          automated information systems for passengers,

-          electronic safety systems designed for city public transport.


11.  Public transport investments - finance provision:

-          finance provision for transport companies which make capital expenditures,

-          financial advisory services designed to support management process (ownership transformation support, work quality support, ISO),

-          insurances,

-          financial support for municipal transport systems.


12.  Public transport support and enhancement:

-          legal and consulting services,

-          technical and operational support,

-          publications and events