NECROEXPO (3-5.06.2022)

9th International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO

The funeral industry's joint involvement yields results

targi pogrzebowe - trumny na necroexpo-2022 88 exhibitors from 7 countries, 2,500 sqm of exhibition space and 1,500 visitors - these are the facts and figures recapitulating the 9th  International Funeral and Cemetery Fair  NECROEXPO 2022 in Targi Kielce. The exhibitors expressed their joy resulting from the fact that face-to-face meetings returned; they also demonstrated their willingness to undertake the joint initiative to enhance the industry.

This year's edition of NECROEXPO is a double success; not only has the trade fair returned to its regular track force after a three-year break, but also this year, Targi Kielce was the only organiser of a funeral expo in Poland. This year, the exhibitors' list included companies from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine Producers of hearses, urns, coffins and other funeral products, as well as companies dealing with the sound systems, tanato-cosmetics and firms offering legal assistance in binging cadavers from another country gathered in the exhibition halls.

The industry is getting united

necroexpo-2022-karawany na targach pogrzebowych w kielcach The Necroexpo unites the entire funeral industry in Poland - such a joint request of representatives of chambers and funeral associations was aired out at the opening ceremony of this year's NECROEXPO Funeral and Cemetery Show.

During his speech, the President of the World Organization of Funeral Operatives FIAT-IFTA, Marek Cichewicz, mentioned that the Necroexpo is an important point in the global calendar of trade fairs and funeral industry events.

"Targi Kielce has been, is and will be the home of the funeral industry," said Witold Skrzydlewski, former President of the Polish Funeral Chamber Association.

Digitisation has become the industry's reality

The funeral industry is interested in the opportunities brought about by the universal digitisation -  cemetery mapping, IT systems facilitating the work of funeral homes, and transfer of formalities related to the funeral procedures to the Internet are on the agenda. These developments have not escaped the attention of the Polish authorities, who used the NECROEXPO as the arena to announce the changes to the funeral. The amendments list includes digitisation of memory sites and electronic death registers. 

Celebrities at NECROEXPO

Like every industry, the funeral sector also has its personalities representing the media milieus. NECROEXPO offered its visitors the opportunity to meet funeral influencer Agnieszka Beczek, who on Instagram uses the @Pani_z_domu_pogrzebowego nickname and Małgorzata Węglarz, the author of the book "Everything You Should Know Before You Die. The funeral industry's secrets."

The power of meetings

Necroexpo is much more than exhibitors; but also the meetings platform. This year, more than a dozen training and lectures were offered for those interested. Topics such as the digitisation of the funeral industry, the secrets of modern embalming and the development of the cemetery in terms of climate change were discussed.

18 november 2022
27 and 28 May 2023 in Targi Kielce marks the first nationwide funeral industry forum
04 june 2022
We are all young and healthy, and thus we don't have to think about death and, obviously about our own funeral. Or should we? A meeting with Małgorzata Węglarz, author of the book "Everything You Should Know Before You Die - The funeral industry's secrets" was the place to seek the answer to this question.
04 june 2022
Agnieszka Beczek works in a funeral home in Warsaw, but she is known on Instagram as the Lady of the Funeral Home, tens of thousands of people visit her account every day. Visitors look for advice and support, but above all, for information related to the funeral industry.
04 june 2022
There was a great interest in the training on "Cold corpse turned into pure beauty forever", conducted by Jacek Szymański from the Pathomed Funeral Training Department during the NECROEXPO in Kielce. The purpose of make-up and similar is to see the deceased person in a positive light when offering them a farewell.
03 june 2022
This was the title of another meeting and presentation by Dariusz Dutkiewicz, director of the Institute of the Funeral and Cemetery Industry.
03 june 2022
The image of immense divisions in the funeral industry across the country is a great burden. This issue was discussed during the lecture held under the banner of Quo Vadis funeral industry - new challenges. The "Together or apart" session was held during the NECROEXPO in Kielce.
03 june 2022
The digitization of memorial sites and the electronic death certificate - are some of the changes to be introduced next year, along with the new law on cemeteries and the burial. The Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister, Wojciech Labuda, announced the full list of changes during the NECROEXPO held in Targi Kielce. There are amendments in the pipeline, including an item helping to classify the causes of death, designed to significantly improve the work of important security institutions.
03 june 2022
Exhibitors from the funeral industry, and members of the Consortium of Funeral Exhibitors, created a special zone during the NECROEXPO in Kielce, where they talk and host clients. They have collaborated attained common goals of co-organising the only funeral exhibition in Poland.
01 june 2022
The Auto Idea company, the Authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer and one of the largest dealers groups, will exhibit its Mercedes-Benz funeral vehicles at the NECROEXPO 2022.
20 may 2022
How to increase the number of orders for secular and Catholic funerals in companies providing funeral services - join the Necroexpo (3-5 June 2022) and attend the lectures of Aneta Dobroch, the Master of the Secular Ceremony, who will share her experiences and insights.
18 may 2022
The Ukrainian company specialises in the production of wooden ceremonial crosses. Dykanka SMK Factory exhibits at the NECROEXPO and prosper for new distributors.
11 may 2022
Not only does the Institute of the Funeral and Cemetery Industry exhibit at the expo, but it also offers its knowledge support for the NECROEXPO 2022. The knowledge pack includes a series of lectures on important topics
28 april 2022
MORPHEUS Special Vehicles Józef Lubecki will present its fleet offer at the next NECROEXPO 2022 - the company has been a renowned manufacturer of specialized vehicles used in the funeral industry for many years.
22 april 2022
The NECROEXPO - Funeral and Cemetery Fair was recommended by the World Organization of Funeral Operatives FIAT-IFTA, the world's largest association of the funeral industry.
28 march 2022
This year's funeral expo will be particularly interesting for funeral directors planning to purchase a hearse, as well as for automotive fans who represent the funeral milieus.
01 february 2022
Entrepreneurs can now take advantage of the tax relief for the expansion and development of companies. Expo participation is included in the scheme. Companies will pay much lower income tax when making use of this opportunity!
10 november 2021
The Necroexpo has been popular among visitors and exhibitors for many years; this is the first and only funeral industry exhibition in Poland. This status is a great opportunity to establish collaboration with all associations and chambers responsible for the interests of funeral industry companies
29 march 2021
Targi Kielce - the organiser of the Necroexpo, together with OASIS and Floralife invite you to join the online florist workshops! The meeting focus upon techniques used to extend flowers shelf-life and new trends in funeral floristry
09 march 2021
Free registration for Necroexpo is now open. NECROEXPO is held from 18 to 20 June 2021 at Targi Kielce; the event puts the funeral business-sector in the limelight.
01 march 2021
Necroexpo is one of Poland's most important events of the funeral and cemetery business sector. Targi Kielce has organised NECROEXPO for many years in cooperation with the Polish Funeral Chamber Association. The representatives of the institution attended the meeting in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre
02 february 2021
This year's September marks half a century anniversary - it has been fifty years since Melex LLC started serial production of its electric vehicles. The International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO in Targi Kielce has been the place to bestow accolades for this brand products
20 january 2021
Poles still find it hard to adopt the idea of cadaver cremation; rarely do we opt for it. Although 2020 was a breakthrough tie in this respect. The relatives of the deceased who had suffered from CIVID-19 often had no other option but to make use of cremation
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