Necroexpo. Cremation in Poland - facts and figures; we still lag behind Europe

20 january 2021
Poles still find it hard to adopt the idea of cadaver cremation; rarely do we opt for it. Although 2020 was a breakthrough tie in this respect. The relatives of the deceased who had suffered from CIVID-19 often had no other option but to make use of cremation

Polish organisations which associate funeral homes estimate that there was between 30 and 40 per cent percentage of cremations in the total number of burial ceremonies in 2020 was. For comparison, in Asian countries, 80 to over 90 per cent of cadavers are incinerated for burial.  Japan is the record-breaking country in this respect with its over 99 per cent, Australia - 69 per cent, and in Canada - 73 per cent. In Europe, the fewest cremations are carried out in Latvia (15%), Bulgaria (5%), Serbia (20%), Ireland (23) and Italy (24%).  The Czech Republic is one of Europe's record-holders with its 79 per cent cremation rate.

However, as experts point out, the traditional burial may soon be challenged;  traditional cemeteries are short of new locations. Establishing new necropolises is a real problem. Poles do not want to see graveyards located in close proximity to cities. Additionally, a traditional funeral is becoming more and more expensive.                                 

Why Poles do not want to use cremation?  There is still little availability of cremation facilities in Poland, which reduces general public awareness. There are about 70 cremation facilities in Poland so that cadavers need to be transported dozens of kilometres, and Poles are also afraid that there might be a mistake while ashes are handled.  That is why some factories have developed the practice of placing a plate with a special number inside the coffin. Such a plague does not melt at high temperatures.

However, the ceremony itself seems the most important aspect;  according to the Catholic funeral rite celebrated the most frequently in Poland, the mass must take place over the deceased's body. Only then is the coffin transported to the cremation facility,  where the family can observe the cremation process and then hand it over to the funeral director. After that, the second part of the funeral ceremony and burial take place.

The exhibitors at Necroexpo also see the need to change traditions,  urns and cremation-related artefacts are put on display during the event.

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