Significant changes were introduced into the cemeteries and burial act. One essential change concerns the event of a pandemic

03 june 2022
The digitization of memorial sites and the electronic death certificate - are some of the changes to be introduced next year, along with the new law on cemeteries and the burial. The Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister, Wojciech Labuda, announced the full list of changes during the NECROEXPO held in Targi Kielce. There are amendments in the pipeline, including an item helping to classify the causes of death, designed to significantly improve the work of important security institutions.

Wojciech Labuda, the plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for the reform of administrative regulations related to the natural movement of the population and the protection of memorial sites, noted that paper death certificates and archaic regulations coupled with limited access to data are the most important problem.

The electronic death and birth card makes it possible to transfer the data to state registers and related institutions in an automated way. Such cards are also intended to improve the procedures related to the classification of causes of death and to enable access to data by such authorities as the Central Statistical Office, GUS or pension and helth-pension authorities.

- We want one hundred percent of deaths to be registered electronically when the law comes into force. Everyone knows that this is a far-reaching simplification, not only for citizens and companies but also for the state, especially in crisis situations such as an epidemic. Now, collective statistics on the causes of death are still compiled by the Central Statistical Office with one-year delay;  this is a matter of security to have such data should immediately - says Wojciech Labuda.

In turn, the digitization of memorial sites is designed to create a central database of cemeteries and burial sites, an online search and map of graves, digitization of cemetery registers, an online list of historical cemeteries and graves of distinguished persons.

The act on cemeteries and burials also provides for, inter alia, common legislation, the introduction of the coroner's institution and the regulation of the rules for dealing with cadavers.

The act is to enter into force in March 2023. The introduction of electronic cemetery registers is expected to last until 2026. Funeral directors will have six months to implement the changes after the regulations become effective.

The Council of Ministers is expected to adopt the law within the next few weeks.

Work on the bill has been underway since 2019.

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