1. Design and production of foundry equipment
  2. Moulding and core-making machines
  3. Moulding materials, sand, bentonite, binders
  4. Equipment for moulding sand preparation, reclamation of quarzsand
  5. Auxiliary materials for foundry practice, foundry ceramics, chemical
  6. Scrap-metal and waste material of metals
  7. Die-casting machines
  8. Computer-aided design of castings and foundry processes
  9. Quality assurance of foundry processes and castings
  10. Refractories materials for foundry practice
  11. Melting of casting alloys, furnaces and charge materials
  12. Machines and equipment for pouring
  13. Castings made in iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and air heater shoes / forgings (for power, ship, automobile and mining industry)
  14. Art castings
  15. Equipment and materials for cleaning, welding, and finishing (the surface) of castings
  16. Heat treatment of castings, furnaces and materials
  17. Transport and storing
  18. Measurement technique and material testing
  19. Control and regulation technique, automation of the processes
  20. Environmental protection, minimising of the wastes
  21. Industrial safety and hygiene at work, protective equipment and machines
  22. Organisations, institutions, R&D units and specialist periodicals
  23. Other