6th International Lifts and Components Exhibition EURO-LIFT




Ladies and Gentlemen,

The highest business quality of the lifts industry expo has always been our top priority.
Thus, having analysed the calendar of similar industry events held in our country and Europe, together with the co-organisers, we resolved to postpone this year's International Lifts and Components Exhibition EURO-LIFT.

This was a difficult and stark decision. However, the resolution was guided by a profound sense of responsibility and the utmost care for the interests of expo participants.   We will make every possible effort to ensure the next expo satisfies your business objectives and brings tangible business benefits to everyone.

We want to thank you for the substantive support and commitment we have received so far. Thank you for being with us for many years.

Feel assured that we will use the time before the next EURO-LIFT commencement to create an even more valuable event for you. We will make it a more attractive space for international business meetings.

We hope that the EURO-LIFT held on the new date provides an impulse to organise a comprehensive meeting of the lift industry in Kielce. We expect the upcoming expo will pay off in the future. Nothing can replace direct meetings and relationships nurtured and developed for years. Subsequent trade exhibitions have only strengthened our bonds.




08 november 2021
The lifts industry and its related sectors have experienced an ongoing development process. This business sector is synonymous with cutting-edge solutions abundance and exciting engineering projects. Modern solutions are also used in housing construction
14 april 2021
The organisers of the lift-industry events will talk about this industry condition from a global perspective; the webinar addresses the international situation. Targi Kielce is going to be an active meeting participant
15 october 2020
Nothing can replace direct contact with another person. Expo meetings are the best way to establish and nurture valuable business relationships based on mutual trust. Targi Kielce has gone an extra mile to make it possible enable us to return to a safe business reality.
14 april 2020
The International Lifts and Components Exhibition exhibitors list includes the SEMO VÝTAHY sro - a Czech company which boasts many years’ experience
31 march 2020
Manufacturer and designer of control systems for the lifts joins the International Lifts and Components Exhibition
23 october 2019
15 to 18 October, Germany’s Interlift. The Targi Kielce representatives participated in the event
27 march 2019
The world-famous Asansor Istanbul lift expo in Istanbul was held from 21 to 24 March. The representatives of Targi Kielce cannot possibly miss the opportunity to mark their presence
04 october 2018
The second day of the near-distance transport expo saw an important lift industry conference
04 october 2018
The evening of the second day of the EURO-LIFT - the International Lifts Exhibition and the LOKUM EXPO Property Maintenance and Services Exhibition was marked with the distinctions and medals awarding ceremony
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