SterDwig showcases at EURO-LIFT

31 march 2020
Manufacturer and designer of control systems for the lifts joins the International Lifts and Components Exhibition

EURO-LIFT  is the showcase for innovative technologies put on show by the global lifts industry players.  The meeting is also the presentation platform for  SterDźwig  whose technical solutions have already been awarded several times at Targi Kielce’s expo.  Last lifts industry one-stop-shop trade show witnessed the medal for  lift controller  and a honourable distinction for LCD displays series.

The company's offer includes comprehensive, innovative products portfolio - the control system components assortment ranges from electronics and accessories for lifts, through steering boards and electrical installations, through software and technical documentation. SterDźwig also creates configured sets: control systems and a winch clusters.  The company has already implemented over 4000 control systems and about 3000 inverter systems, mainly for synchronous winches. Almost 3,000 lifts are GSM communication enabled and managed by SterDźwig monitoring system.

EURO-LIFT expo is the chance for the company to present numerous technical innovations: an improved controller, next generation of lift remote management, new solutions to expand service-life, many new elevator equipment elements which facilitate installation and maintenance and increase the elevator functionality, so very much appreciated by users.

More info can be found at: http://www.sterdzwig.pl/

We look forward to seeing you at the company's expo stand during EURO-LIFT, held on 14-15 October in Targi Kielce! Prior registration required for the admission-free event.


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