targi energetyczne enex kielce

enex-2020-report ENEX goes down in history as the record-breaking expo!

8,000 visitors and 176 companies from 14 countries - this the ENEX Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy facts and figures recapitulation.

ENEX abounded with industry conferences and forums

The Solar+ Forum, Heat Pump Forum, PORT PC Congress, the Electromobility Forum, the Conferences galore:  Energia PL, Heat Not Lost, RESCity and "Supreme air quality - a challenge for the 21st century” - these are industry meetings which discussed the most important topics.  Passive construction also appeared at the at ENEX 2020 for the first time.

Poland’s largest Trade Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy

panele fotowoltaiczne na targach enex We are pleased with this year’s ENEX -  this trade show offers us the opportunity to meet today’s customers and prosper for new clients.  We intend to join next year’s expo” said Agnieszka Čížková from Solarity.

ENEX met my expectations. We have exhibited here - the expo stand was tailored to my company’s needs.  I met many competitors, companies we cooperate with and clients we supply. The expo has offered us the chance to meet them face to face, we have never met some of our partners in person before - Szymon Stepaniuk from Alter Power recapitulates the expo.

Energy-packed attractions

The demonstration track prepared by the Electromobility Forum offered the ENEX visitors opportunity to enjoy test drives in electric cars and thus learn more about how such cars work.  The expo agenda however abounded with a whole array of entertaining accents.  The event was graced with the presence of outstanding athletes: Olympian Weronika Nowakowska, former Polish handball player Mariusz Jurasik and players from PGE Vive Kielce - Dani Dujshebaev and Branko Vujović.

We wish to thank all exhibitors, visitors and partners for their cooperation. We have already started preparations for the ENEX 2021! Save the date!





25 june 2020
The Energy Forum carried out a detailed costs analysis of Poland's giving up on lignite. The detailed report delves into Poland’s energy security
25 june 2020
Industry experts forecast a boom for ground-mounted solar farms
29 may 2020
According to the rynekelektryczny.pl portal - the ENEX Expo media partner, online applications can now be used for the Mój Prąd [My Electricity] programme. It is worth using your home computer in order to speed up the process and obtain funds for a solar installation without the need to leave your home.
29 may 2020
We are at a turning point when it comes to the development strategy of heating schemes in Poland’s construction sector - a huge potential in the rapidly growing domestic heat pump market to be used.
20 april 2020
Despite the coronavirus pandemic rage, the renewable energy industry has reported new records establishment. This is a good omen for the upcoming ENEX / ENEX New Energy
30 march 2020
A month ago we all witnessed the 23rd International Power Industry Fair 18th ENEX Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy held in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The pandemic has paralysed many industries. What about solar farms and the whole PV business sector? A comprehensive report from GLOBEnergia editorial - the event partner is now available
03 march 2020
Representatives of 176 companies from 14 countries showcased at the largest renewable energy fair in Poland ENEX / ENEX Nowa Energia and the 21st Fair of Environmental Protection and Waste Management EKOTECH
28 february 2020
The second day of the Poland’s largest Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy was marked with stars’ presence. The event was graced with the presence of: Weronika Nowakowska, Mariusz Jurasik, Daniel Dujshebaev and Branko Vujović
27 february 2020
A new solution introduced by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC - the International Power Industry Fair the première arena
27 february 2020
New standards in heating technologies and growth forecasts for the heat pumps market in Europe for 2020-2030 period discussed during the international meeting held at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre
27 february 2020
The first expo day (27 February) culminated in medals and awards presentation for the best products and expo stands of this year's 23rd ENEX International Power Industry Fair, 18th ENEX Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy and 21st Environmental Protection and Waste Management EKOTECH
26 february 2020
Passive houses construction, compared to standard houses uses supreme thermal insulation systems of the best parameters. Such houses are designed to obtain energy from the environment
26 february 2020
The demonstration track has been prepared by the Electromobility Forum. This is where visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a test drive in an electric car and learn more about how such cars work
26 february 2020
The "Supreme air quality - a challenge for the 21st century" conference organised as part of the ENEX New Energy expo - the Targi Kielce Congress Centre session provides the opportunity to meet and discuss measures designed to improve air quality
26 february 2020
The ENEX, ENEX New Energy, and EKOTECH have commenced today in Targi Kielce. The speech of the Minister of Climate Michał Kurtyka PhD., the Electromobility Forum, test test-track for electric cars - these are just a few items on the agenda of a rich and diversified accompanying events programme
25 february 2020
You can register to take part in the 18th ENEX Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy - this si the last chance. This year's exhibition has generated an avid interest - thus registration of period has been extended
24 february 2020
Wojciech Lutek, President of the Management Board of PGE Distribution sent his address with regards the upcoming 18th ENEX Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy.
24 february 2020
The upcoming ENEX Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy - more than meetings industry-insiders. The expo offers the opportunity to meet sport stars.
18 february 2020
Two new lecture expand the ENERGIA PL Conference agneda - come and join the the ENEX accompanying events section
17 february 2020
Conferences, forums and meetings - lots of industry events in one-stop-shop format. ENEX / ENEX New Energy, Targi Kielce, 26-27 February 2020.
12 february 2020

The Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Kielce organises the conference as the ENEX expo accompanying event

05 february 2020

See photovoltaic devices in the flesh, touch a heat pump, see electric car charging stations. Where is the one-stop-shop for new energy?  The 18th Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy

04 february 2020

The 13th National Heat Pumps Forum brings together experts who talk about the future of the market. 


30 january 2020

MiastOZE [RES City] zone is a part of the ENEX and ENEX New Energy Expo organised by Targi Kielce in conjunction with the GLOBEnergia editorial staff. 

29 january 2020

This was a breakthrough year for the whole business sector - September 2019 saw more than 1 GW of new installed capacity in Poland.  2.2 MW a day were installed throughout September

23 january 2020

Discover innovative automotive solutions - this year's ENEX in Targi Kielce is the place to be. Test drives available in the course of the event.  26 and  27 February 2020. We look forward to seeing you. 

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