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targi energetyczne enex kielce The best producers, the latest solutions - Enex Expo; the power-engineering one-stop-shop.

Enex - this trade show has been a magnet for the most important renewable energy and conventional energy industries' representatives for years.

This year's expo was held online, still it was one of the most significant events for this industry.  The upcoming Enex promises to be a record-breaking event, not only fuelled with the photovoltaic industry's boom but because of today's and future legal changes.

The renewable energy sector is a real powerhouse -  the government has implemented environmental programs such as "My Electricity" and "Clean Air". Made more and more Poles switch to photovoltaic panels or heat pumps. Cutting-edge, ecological solutions are also the way to counteract the ever-higher electricity bills.

Why is it worth being a part of Enex?

Enex is one of the few events in Poland that brings together the whole energy and power-engineering industry; this is a one-stop-shop for producers of photovoltaic panels, heat pump installers, electric car dealers, energy storage companies, but also enterprises whose business profile includes traditional energy.

Cooperation with experts, i.e. representatives of scientific and business milieus make the International Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy more than a platform for business relations establishment. This is a perfect platform to exchange experiences, thoughts and ideas.

The Enex has and will witness premieres galore;  brands resolve to launch their new products and showcase them for the first time in Poland at the Enex expo. What is the reason?  They all know that the expo is the best-targeted audience; this is where business insiders meet the right people.  Targi Kielce goes the extra mile - not are only visitors introduced to the exhibitors' offers, but they also take part in discussions, panels and conferences.

panele fotowoltaiczne na targach enex

Thus the expo brings together representatives of a whole array of companies - power plants, manufacturers of equipment and energy distribution devices, specialists and scientists from technical universities. Among the visitors, there are also representatives of municipal and communal offices who decide about the energy-related expenditures.

Professional Power Engineering

The Professional Power Engineering Expo has been created for energy generation companies and entities that utilise traditional energy sources as
well as for equipment and parts producers.  The Enex is the place for manufacturers of converters, cables, distribution switchgear and substations as well as energy meters.


Energy conversion and surplus storage is an essential part of the energy transition.  The recently introduced legal changes in Poland indicate the development directions. This is the herald of what home-generated energy processing and storage will look like in the years to come.

Outstanding university specialists participated in the discussion panels at previous editions; the practitioners who deal with the topic also elaborated the topics presented by theoreticians - there were representatives of conventional energy companies and enterprises.  This year's conference thematic scope encompasses energy storage technologies and use. 

Photovoltaic Forum Solar + and the Polish Heat Pump Forum

The events organised by the GlobEnergia Editors and the ENEX have already become the ENEX tradition;  the annual meetings bring together investors, advisers and contractors interested in the heat pumps and photovoltaics. These forums also attract prospective customers. New products in the market, installation problems and innovative ways to use photovoltaics and heat pumps are broadly discussed in the meeting. 

Passive houses

Energy efficiency - this feature is on everybody's lips, especially those who are about to commence house construction. The Passive House Showroom is the one-stop-shop that offers the possibility to meet architects who design passive constructions; representatives of companies selling insulation and well-selected building materials. The future is now - passive construction combined with renewable energy offers us ecological solutions for everyday life. 

The exhibition is held on 23 and 2 February in Targi Kielce. 

13 january 2022
All the necessary elements for installations mounting on the roof or ground: PV panels, inverters, assembly structures and electrical accessories - this is just a part of the AS Energy's offer available in February at Targi Kielce at the ENEX expo
05 january 2022
An international company with over 20 years of tradition appears in Targi Kielce for the ENEX expo held in February. BYD's objectives include using technological innovations to improve people's quality of life
03 january 2022
Viessmann, which offers cutting-edge heating systems which utilise all energy carriers and can be used in all types of facilities, declared its presence at the ENEX expo. We look forward to your presence at the Targi Targi Kielce’s event held on 23 and 24 February 2022 in Targi Kielce
03 january 2022
Poland's largest producer of technologically advanced heating solutions for single-family houses, multi-family buildings, industrial and service facilities exhibits at ENEX
27 december 2021
Corab - a European leader in the production of photovoltaic structures and a distributor of products from renowned brands in the PV industry has joined the Exhibitors fellowship at the upcoming ENEX. The company's products and structures are used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, as well as photovoltaic farms and agricultural areas
17 december 2021
Comprehensive offer, global brands, the latest technologies as well as commercial and technical support - that SUNPROFI; photovoltaic products warehouse. SUNPROFI joins the ENEX 2022 to exhibit its full-range offer. One of the company's proprietary products received a distinction at last year's event
16 december 2021
For 25 years, they have advanced their experience in producing the highest quality PP-R polypropylene pipes and fittings. Their systems and solutions offer high quality and reliability. PRAWTECH will present its offer during the ENEX and ENEX New Energy expos
14 december 2021
Growatt is an international company founded in 2010. The energy industry player is involved in the research, development and production of photovoltaic inverters, including on-grid and off-grid inverters as well as energy storage systems and intelligent energy management solutions on the user's side
01 december 2021
The international company, which has been in business since the 1940s, joins the Enex expo to showcase its products. The Garo Group is a specialist in the production of electric car charging stations and electrical installation equipment. The company also is a distribution specialist for selected products on the Polish market
01 december 2021
Enex exhibitor authorised PV distributor BayWa r.e Solar Systems invites you to join a training! The company offers a wide range of training courses - both in the form of webinars and on-site meetings in the company’s office. Active workshops, Q&A sessions, the live presentations of components offer a great opportunity to learn from the experts
23 november 2021
AS Energy entered the photovoltaic market in 2019 and has quickly become one of the leading brands thanks to a carefully developed strategy however, its success is based on extensive business experience. The creator of the brand - RuckZuck has been a leading enterprise in the interior design industry since 2004
19 november 2021
The global company - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has been in business for 100 years and has provided business customers as well as end customers with the highest quality products; the company's footprint: aerospace, semiconductors, energy generation and distribution, communication and information technology, entertainment electronics, industrial automation and construction technology, air-conditioning technology and heating
17 november 2021
HellermannTyton products have been designed for connecting, fastening, guiding, protecting and identifying cables in photovoltaic installations. They provide unmatched safety, reliability and installation durability, no matter how harsh conditions they operate in; tested in extreme conditions have proven perfect solution. The portfolio includes mounting clips and fasteners for cable routing through insulating products, cable protection systems and label
10 november 2021
SAJ Electric has been a professional inverters manufacturer; in business for 17 years. The Chinese producer of photovoltaic components will be exhibiting for the first time at Targi Kielce
08 november 2021
The international market player - MEB Group gathers companies specialising in planning, managing and execution of works in the field of electrical engineering, energy, industrial facility technology, implementation of modern technologies, energy management as well as technological and economic consulting
08 november 2021
KNESS Group, headquartered in Ukraine, boasts over 11 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, which makes the company one of the most recognisable firms on its market
05 november 2021
Energy Trends is an industry conference that brings together specialists and industry experts; current challenges faced by the energy and power engineering sector are discussed during the event. Enex partners the event
04 november 2021
PV system is the importer of renewable energy systems' components; the company provides the highest quality elements, including photovoltaic panels, inverters, structures and other parts necessary for their correct and safe assembly. PV System is one of the Enex exhibitors
28 october 2021
SUNPROFI - the solar photovoltaic solutions warehouse is where the passion for renewable energy sources never ends, just like energy from the sun!
27 october 2021
FoxESS Poland is a part of a global company, the producer of photovoltaic inverters and energy storage systems. The international is listed at the Global Fortune 500 list. The Tsingshan Group boasts extensive capital, production capacities and R&D facilities
14 october 2021
The Enex expo attracts the best of the best from the renewable energy sector. Almost 100 years on the market, a brand known and represented in 27 countries around the world. Over 25 years of experience in PV distribution makes BayWa one of the best business partners
12 october 2021
Photovoltaic panels recycling is in its early stage in Poland. In our country, there are plants which collect used photovoltaic panels, however, there is very little waste of this kind. Recyclers should now collect larger amounts of used panels
19 july 2021
Ekotech is one of Poland's most meaningful events of communal services expos; Many entities and institutions have been co-creating the trade show for years. The event enjoys the support of its reliable partners and, among them, the Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Kielce. Ryszard Gliwiński, President of the Management Board of WSOŚiGW, talks about cooperation and the general popularity of photovoltaics.
23 june 2021
The Enex expo - every Renewable Energy Sources industry's insider finds this show a must-attend event. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to present panels and heat pumps, also to learn about new products, which translate into the economics and more efficient operation of the installations. Robert Frąk, the expo manager, talks about the show's development and its future.
23 june 2021
We have seen the recent introduction of settlement rules for prosumers; panel producers will not benefit from new regulations, which will also slow down the photovoltaics industry development pace. However, according to Professor Konrad Świrski, who gave the interview to the Wysokie Napięcie [High Voltage] portal, this new scenario does not mean the end of this technology's golden times. Energy storage and balancing will complement the picture soon.