1. Waste management
  • Waste recovery (reclamation) 
  • Waste disposal
  • Waste collection
  • Transport of wastes
  • Waste sorting 
  • Waste treatment
  • Waste storage
  • Municipal waste management 
2. Waste management for the enhancement of the economy (research, analyses, designing and planning, investment implementation) 
3. Products for the waste management sector
  • Sealing of landfill sites and soil
  •  Equipment for landfill sites
  • Equipment for waste sorting plants
  • Waste neutralization equipment
  • Waste composting
  • Separators, sludge treatment
  • Equipment for decreasing waste volume
  • Waste containers
  •  Equipment for transporting and removing wastes 

4. Equipment for the cleanners maintainment of streets, public spaces and buildings

5. Equipment for the cultivation of green areas

6. Exhibition of equipment and vehicles for the municipal waste management sector

7. Software Solutions

8. Water and sewage management

  • water treatment and purification,
  • water and sewage facilities
  •  design and construction
  •  industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities;
  •  sewage sludge thermal treatment,
  •  measuring devices for water and sewage management industry
  • irrigation and drainage, flood protection

9. Protection against air pollution

10. Circular economy

11. Surface cleaning and disinfection - technologies and agents