Pucio: a hero we all know and love!

13 november 2020
KIDS 'Time is much more than toys and clothes for children, but also books for the youngest. The Pucio series is a Polish bestseller admired by children starting from the earliest days. Preschoolers adore the books too. Nasza Księgarnia [Our Bookstore] publishing house will present autumn novelties. How will the little critics receive such offers?

The Pucio series has been created by Marta Galewska-Kustra, PhD in Humanities, a speech therapist, pedagogue and creativity educator. The series has been designed to naturally support the development of speech in children at various stages of development. The topics of accessible and engaging books for children include onomatopoeic words and first words, basic nouns and verbs and word linking, articulation games (i.e. the ability to pronounce sounds correctly), building sentences and practising storytelling skills. Games and puzzles, although seemingly based on simple tasks, require attention to pictures, develop perceptiveness and speech, but above all stimulate thinking.

Beautiful illustrations with warm colours

Pucio would not have won so many children's hearts if it were not for Joanna Kłos' drawings, co-author of the series. Beautiful illustrations, full of warm colours and friendly characters, made this nice character kids' favourite. The youngest ones just have fallen in love with  his characteristic image.  It's hard to break away from the Pucio series. The illustrations are so genuine you cannot take them for any other - they are unique and special.

- We create a series for the whole family. They can spend time together reading books, doing puzzles or playing games and thus deepen relationships, build bonds, commitment and closeness. At the same time, we know that products for children are often used. Thus we care about their release and products' durability so that they can be used for many readings and games. - says Bartosz Renans from the Nasza Księgarnia Publishing House.  - We want parents and children to receive good quality products created by Polish authors - she adds.

Autumn novelties

In November, two new products appeared in the series. These may prove perfect gifts for kids.

The first one is "Hugging Pucio",  the lovable hero is now also available as a hug, sleep, walk and play mascot. It is a great series complement and will surely bring joy to every toddler. The mascot is about 18 cm tall and fits perfectly with a child's hand.

The other novelty that children will surely enjoy is the puzzles set:  "Pucio.  What's up?".  The box contains a large picture consisting of 12 elements, with Pucio and Misia exploring the sounds of nature. By arranging puzzles, children can "listen" to the sounds of nature: chirping birds, buzzing insects, stamping ants, crunching a squirrel, a dog barking or the sound of the wind. After arranging the picture, they themselves will give a cry of amazement just like Pucio or laugh happily like Misia?


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