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Safety and security focussed expo - POLSECURE 2024!

polsecure-2023 - The Expo's success has been evidenced by the growing number of both exhibitors and visitors, the increased number of accompanying conferences and meetings. I am genuinely pleased with the great interest in the project. The trade fair presents solutions designed to provide citizens greater security – this is how the Gen. Insp. Jarosław Szymczyk, Chief Commander of the Police recapitulated the POLSECURE.

Cutting-edge equipment, current topics of the conferences, and broadly defined security remain important and topicalal issues. The event dedicated to public safety and security was held in 2023 and went down in history as an immense success. The upcoming POLSECURE - the International expo is held at Targi Kielce in April 2024. In addition to the important support of the Police Headquarters, the organisers of the Kielce expo can also count on the involvement of other services.

polsecure-2023 - For many years, the Kielce trade fair has been an excellent place to present effective, technologically advanced equipment the Border Guard have at their disposal. Also other Polish uniformed services responsible for public safety use this modern equipment. The uniformed formations' modernisation and technological development is necessary these days, especially in the face of current threats. The war is just beyond our borders. We have experienced the greatest migration pressure on Poland's borders in history - this is part of the hybrid war. Therefore, I hope that next year's trade fair will once again become a platform for a fruitful exchange of experiences, learning about the latest solutions and technologies, and a harbinger of successes resulting from the contracts concluded here - said the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Border Guard for Logistics, Brigadier General SG Wioleta Gorzkowska.

23 to 25 April 2023 is the Polsecure time; an excellent opportunity to see the offer of companies specialising in the production of special equipment, personal protective equipment, rescue equipment, communication systems, command and control software. Polsecure is also a golden opportunity to exchange experiences and talks about the real needs of uniformed services.

The services which report to the Minister of the Interior and Administration are the conference target:  Polsecure therefore responds to the vital needs of the Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service and the State Protection Service. The expo offer may also be of interest to special services, including the National Tax Administration and rescue organisations GOPR Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, TOPR Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, and WOPR Volunteer Water Rescue Service.

Polsecure 2002 expanded Targi Kielce's portfolio; in addition to exhibitions dedicated to uniformed services, there are the world-famous International Defence Industry Exhibition and the International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition IFRE-EXPO.