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Industrial Spring – a class of its own

przemyslowa-wiosna-2023-galeria-01.jpg [210.08 KB] This year's Industrial Spring's recapitulation may of course include the words "record", "biggest", or "absolute hit". However, people who have not visited the Targi Kielce's industrial cycle may consider it PR tricks. Nothing further from the truth! The 2023's STOM expos were absolutely sensational, and not only facts and figures prove it.

Although, of course, the expo data is undoubtedly impressive - all the expo halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre were a full house. Targi Kielce hosted almost 600 exhibitors and 19,000 visitors. And on top of that - everyone who had visited the STOM in previous years unanimously claimed that there have never been so many machines working in Targi Kielce before. It is also worth remembering that since 2015, the exhibition space has grown by 20% each year, this trend was shaken in the pandemic years. Yet even in turbulent times, the STOM cycle was held. 2023 is a return to the upward trend - not only is the "Industrial Spring" more significant than that which was pronounced the record-breaking one – 2019. Also it has been the largest in its history.

One may feel delighted when reading numbers and data sheets, yet there is one important point to be noted It is not the number of visitors that is pivotal. The quality of contacts established at the expo and the value of contracts resulting from taking shop are the most important. The meetings were extremely satisfying - this opinion was unanimously shared by almost all exhibitors.

Since 2015, i.e. from the very beginning, we have been participating in the Kielce 3D Printing Days. We come here because many customers of our customers are also attending. This year's expo is the apparent revival; there are more visitors who have joined the show after the pandemic. We are happy and we will come back next year as well - Filip Ludwikowski, UBOT, Chief Technology Officer at UBOT recapitulated the participation in the Industrial Spring.

Metrology knowledge pool

przemyslowa-wiosna-2023-galeria-02.jpg [205.31 KB] The second day of the Industrial Spring, Targi Kielce hosted another in the series of metrology seminars devoted to the enhancement of cooperation between science and business. The Science in business - commercialisation of research results  Jerzy Józwik - director of the office of the Polish Metrological Union in Lublin, opened the event and discussed characteristics of the universal metrological inventory, i.e. a list of essential scientific and research equipment. Jacek Semaniak - President of the Central Office of Measures, Chairman of the Presidium of the Polish Metrological Union, welcomed the guests and discussed the main activities related to the expansion of the Świętokrzyski Laboratory Campus of the Central Office of Measures and its impact on the development of Polish metrology:

- We undertake numerous activities to create a positive climate around metrology,  the creation of the Polish Metrological Union, the launch of the program of the Minister of Education and Science under the name "Polish Metrology" and the creation of the Metrological Cluster serve this purpose. Functionalities development of the Central Office of Measures and bringing them closer to the functionalities of universities is our goal -   thus we will create new research areas - stressed President Jacek Semaniak

Media hype

przemyslowa-wiosna-2023-galeria-03.jpg [175.43 KB] The 3D Printing Days celebrated their 15th anniversary this year, the enjoyed great media interest. The presentation of 3D printing, which use concrete, certainly deserved the attention of the radio or television crews;  3Dartech from Kielce uses the innovative technique. As reported by Karol Jankowicz, a representative of the company, production mainly focuses on prefabricated elements and street furniture elements.  – Our company does not focus on printed buildings, but of course, such prefabricated elements can be used to build a substantial structure. We can also build public utility buildings designed for representative functions in the city. We have a printer built for this purpose, equipped with a special head. Also our concrete mix has been designed for 3D printing. When it comes to street furniture, I see no reason why an ordinary Smith could buy a printed garden set – he emphasises. For example, a standing vase costs PLN 300, and a garden armchair PLN 600.


Industrial Spring exhibitors gain accolades

The gala ceremony was held on the first day of the show; the best products and services showcased at the expo earned accolades. The Jury Panel decided which products deserve recognition. The awarding ceremony also encompassed Targi Kielce TOP DESIGN presentation for the original and modern style of expo presentation. Companies celebrating anniversaries were also appreciated.

Media partners
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30 march 2023
The Industrial Spring first day was marked with awards presented for the most modern products and solutions showcased at specialized expo events - STOM-TOOL, STOM-BLECH & CUTTING, STOM LASER, STOM-ROBOTICS, WELDING, WIRTOPROCES, EXPO-SURFACE, PNEUMATICON, CONTROL-STOM
29 march 2023
The second day of the Industrial Spring, Targi Kielce hosted another in the series of metrology seminars devoted to the enhancement of cooperation between science and business. The meeting agenda includes several dozen presentations, as well as a metrology cluster meeting attended by representatives of various scientific disciplines and business
28 march 2023
The machines working live, almost 600 exhibitors, 7 expo halls filled to the brim with the latest technologies - the 2023 Targi Kielce's industrial expo cycle promises to be sensational. The Kielce Meetings Factory kicked off on 28 March and will continue ots operation for four expo days
24 march 2023
TRUMPF was founded in 1923 as a mechanical workshop and has grown to become one of the world's leading companies in machine tools, lasers and electronics for industrial applications. TRUMPF is also a long-term exhibitor of the STOM expo
20 march 2023
TThis year's Industrial Laser and Laser Technology Expo welcomes Eagle Laser presenting a real hit.
13 march 2023
The Trade Fair Magazine created jointly by Targi Kielce and MM The Magazine is now available to those interested - as every year, the publication puts the "Industrial Spring" in the limelight
02 march 2023
There is less than a month left before the STOM-TOOL Sheet Metal Processing Fair and Tools Expo commencement .This expo is an important part of the Industrial Spring. Meet the next exhibitor of the series
27 february 2023
The Industrial Robotics Expo has been an essential point of the Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies agenda already for four years. Yaskawa has been the STOM-ROBOTICS partner ever since the very beginning
27 february 2023
SIAD has been a leader in the metal machining sector for many years; not only a supplier of gases and mixtures for laser and welding applications, but also a reliable partner that offers practical, innovative and personalized solutions
23 february 2023
The Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools STOM-TOOL is a significant point on the Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring agenda. The expo amazes visitors with its extensive and comprehensive portfolio. Traditionally, GF Machining Solutions joins the expo as one of the exhibitors
16 february 2023
This year’s Sheet Metal Processing and Cutting Fair STOM-BLECH & CUTTING continues for four days. The expo gathers the best industry producers and distributors. ITALTEC is traditionally a part of this exhibtors’ fellowship
13 february 2023
The STOM-TOOL Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools Expo is held from 28 to 31 March 2023. The exhibitors are already preparing industry novelties to showcase, and one of the companies joining the expo is POLWELT
07 february 2023
LVD is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal processing equipment, including laser cutting systems, punching machines, press brakes, guillotine shears and automation systems, integrated and powered by CADMAN® software. LVD products and technology are adapted to Industry 4.0 and thus make smart manufacturing possible
03 february 2023
HGM Mahines make it possible to optimize production processes and reduce costs to the minimum necessary. Discover the HGM Machines offer showased at the STOM-BLECH & CUTTING Sheet Metal Processing and Cutting Fair at Targi Kielce
01 february 2023
The Taiwanese YLM Group has been present in the Polish market for 14 years. We invite you to visit the company’s expo stand during STOM-TOOL Sheet Metal Processing and Cutting Fair held from 28 to 31 March 2023
30 january 2023
SEGER Cutting Tools is an experienced supplier of modern technological solutions for all industries - the company specialises in precision cutting tools. The rich and diversified offer also includes broadly defined technical support in the design of new or optimisation of existing machining processes. Please feel invited to visit the company's expo stand – SEGER welcomes visitors at the Metal Processing Expo held from 28 to 31 March
17 january 2023
A well-known seller of filtering and ventilation systems and extraction devices returns to the Kielce exhibition and congress centre in March
13 january 2023
Tools shrinking and expansion in record time; energy saving and chucks protection on board. These and many other benefits of the »powerShrink« induction shrink clamping system. Join us for the Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology CONTROL-STOM and see the latest developments for yourself.
10 january 2023
Janus Obrabiarki boasts nearly 40 years of experience in metalworking. The seasoned market player exhibits at the STOM-TOOL Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools held this March.
09 january 2023
The company with Dutch roots revisits the STOM-TOOL the Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools to exhibit at Targi Kielce
01 december 2022
On 29 March 2023, the upcoming CONTROL-STOM Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology includes a metrology seminar organised by the Polish Metrological Union
27 october 2022
In 2022, the Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies, with its accompanying events, was the showcase for 250 working machines in all 7 exhibition halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre The Expo attracted almost 10,000 business insiders. Who were the guests of the Industrial Spring?
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