TFM invites you to the STOM-TOOL Expo

02 march 2023
There is less than a month left before the STOM-TOOL Sheet Metal Processing Fair and Tools Expo commencement .This expo is an important part of the Industrial Spring. Meet the next exhibitor of the series

The company was founded in 2003. Metal Forming Technologies (TFM) targets its offer those  looking for effective solutions in the field plastic and laser processing of metals. The machines offered by TFM are the highest quality devices that already work for over 1000 customers from Poland and European countries.

The company's offer includes:
machines for processing pipes and profiles: mandrel benders, mandrelless benders, three-roller benders, belt grinders, belt cutters;
sheet metal processing machines: coilers, press brakes, hydraulic presses, eccentric presses, belt sanders, guillotine shears;
wire processing machines: 2D and 3D wire benders, spring benders;
laser cutters: cutting machines for sheets, pipes and profiles; water jet cutters.

In addition, the TFM Robotics, brand  is the official distributor of Techman Robot, the company which offers collaborative robots as well as services in the field process automation and robotization.  TFM specializes mainly in the machine operation, assembly, palletizing and moving elements.

The STOM-TOOL Expo welcomes TFM and its presentation of its proprietary design Primetec three-roller bending machine, Adira brand press brake, VLB mandrel bending machine and a novelty in the offer - the TFON grinding and deburring machine.  STOM-TOOL is also the pelace for the automation and robotics department of TFM Robotics to mark its presence. This section presents interesting solutions related to robots and machines integration.

We look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce and at TFM expo stand.

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